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I'm trying to set up a Phidget 1048 4-input to use with Artisan. The thermocouple I have has 4 wires on it. 2 red and 2 white. I'm assuming 1 of each is for BT/ET. I'm having trouble getting them to read accurately. I removed the thermocouple that was installed on the front of the roaster and replaced it with the 4 wire thermocouple. The temp seems to be about 90 degrees too high. Does anybody who has experience with a setup like this know what to do? Thank you

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Are you sure it is a thermocouple and not an RTD, PTD, or the like?

Resistive elements like RTD and PTD can benefit by using the four wires in a way that one red and one blue wire carry the current (causing some voltage drop in the wire itself) and the other pair goes to the meter and carries very little current. That way you're very close measuring the resistance of just the element and not the wires.

For more on two, three, and four-wire sensors, see ... onnections

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Thinking it could be what Jeff said. But honestly not sure why you would get any reading with a 1048. Please get the data on the probe you have and post it. Thanks.
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Can you post a pic of the front of your roaster? Did the original thermocouple have 4 wires? I'm wondering if it is a situation like I have where you need one set going to the PID and one set is for data logging. The newer USRC roasters have data logging capability standard.

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This is a 2014 model. I'll get a picture of it.