Phidget 1048_2 help needed.

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#1: Post by bharmon91 »

Hey, when terminating the wires into the they go all the way into the phidget are will some of the wire be out? No matter on much I unscrew ground channel screw it seems as if the wire will not feed all the way through. Hope this makes sense ...

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#2: Post by mkane »

3/16" is all you need.

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#3: Post by Mark5902 »

The front of the stripped wire should be flush against the back of the green screw terminal with the screw open. Then screw it down. To be sure it's solid, give it a nice tug and make sure the wire doesn't come out. As @mkane said you don't need a lot of wire - just make sure the screw is coming down on stripped metal wire and not exclusively insulation.