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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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I just did a Turkish brew this morning, and the coffee is still improving 14 days post roast. It's very sweet with a silky mouthfeel.

Why Turkish? I'm testing a DIY color meter that is being built as a collective open source project with participation of many on H-B. It's similar to the Roast Vision color meter that is no longer commercially available, but where they posted the specs. The grind size for measurements is suitable for Turkish brewing.

My roast reads at 91 on the Agtron Gourmet scale posted by Espresso Vision according to this device, which is medium light, on the verge of light. And that accurately reflects the roast.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!

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drgary wrote:It's a tiny hint of how a new leather jacket smells.
Thanks for the clarification - your descriptions matches what I tasted.

Did two roasts:
- lighter but longer. FC at 8:30 min, Peak Temp 415, total time 10 min. Longer yellowing phase.
- darker but shorter. FC at 6:21, Peak Temp 428-430, total time 9 min. Shorter yellowing phase.

The lighter roast was brighter, sweet, with nice slightly citric acidity and cherry & apricot juices and hint of new leather jacket (fabelous descriptor). Fruit flavors are integrated and not overly distinct or powerful (not a fruit bomb). The acidity is brisk and lends a lively contrast though, When compared against darker roast, a slightly plastacine/latex? note emerged. Interestingly I did not notice this latter flavor until side by side cupping. As an aside, the light roast profile used is still new to me...sort of a work in progress so please take my comments with that in mind.

The darker roast had a deeper more jam like fruit sweetness with the addition of salmonberry. Leather note became more sublte taking on a sweeter saddle leather quality. No plastacine/latex note. Overall I preffered this roast to the former although I missed the citric acidity - but perhaps with some tweaking I can retain it will developing fruit notes. The roast profile used was closer to my standard almost Full City level...just a tad lower peak temp. Therefore I feel more confident in my impressions reflecting the coffee itself - if that makes any sense.

I did not get a chance to let this rest beyond 2 days. Would be interested to hear how this develops with rest. I only ordered a small will probably need to order more to have enough for future experiments.