Panama Lerida Gesha

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#1: Post by Boldjava »

Panama Gesha
Farmed by: Sonia Amoruso
Location: Volcan Baru, Finca Lerida
Importer: Royal Coffee, Oakland
Varietal: Gesha
Roasted on Quest 3
6 Days Rest

Roast - 1:45min into first crack

1. Dry fragrance/wet Aroma. Dry. Dried cherry. Wet. Stone fruit.
2. Acidity. Cup appropriate. Held cup together, top to bottom.
3. Flavor depth: Cherry, stone fruits, Meyer's lemon, Celestial Seasonings hibiscus tea/cranberry, slight hint of chocolate.
4. Body: Slippery/silky. Medium-heavy cup.
5. Finish/aftertaste. Sweet stone fruit and Meyers lemon, lingers forever, slightest hint of walnuts/tannins - appealing,

Comments: One of the heavier Geshas I have cupped. Tongue was just bathed with light oils after oils.

Score: 92.0

Being offered as a distribution over here: Green Coffee Exchange
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#2: Post by TomC »

I'm very much on this one for sure. 3-4 pounds depending on what works best for Dave.
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#3: Post by Almico »

I just received this years P. Elida Nat and noticed there was some Esmeralda Private Collection Geisha Nat still available over at Roastmasters. Never done the Geisha thing. 10# on the way.

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Boldjava (original poster)
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#4: Post by Boldjava (original poster) »

Post your thoughts on the Lerida Panama Gesha here once you receive it and are drinking away.
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#5: Post by Rickpatbrown »

So we are still waiting for Dave's coffee to ship out, but I actually scored some of this from Royal Coffee when they were selling it by the pound for about 12 hours. Interestingly, it said it was sold out, but I emailed them and a very helpful chap sent me the coffee. When it arrived, it said "sample room" on it. Don't know how often they do this, but their customer service was top notch.

Anyway ... this is my second roast.

General roasting info:
I'm using a Huky, solid drum, stock TCs. My peak gas is 4.5 KPa and I use a variac to control air. I mark dry at 320F and first crack at 395F (no matter what I hear ... I'm finding this to be more consitent with the weird coffees that crack early or late). I no longer "soak" on the Huky. I give it full gas as soon as I charge the roaster. I can get to dry faster this way and don't really understand the concept behind soaking. I use a low fan setting that goes from 0-low at 30seconds of charge. Then, I crank the fan up to full bent flame in the trier at 20F before 1stC.

The coffee roasted well. Easy peasy.

Overview of gas settings:
Charge 4.5 KPa
Dry end 1.5 KPa
360F 0.5 KPa
The heat increase towards the end of 1stC is actually a new technique. I'm setting the Huky gas to the single inner flame setting and trying to keep it coasting a bit longer. Previously, I would have to turn gas off the avoid a flick and turn it on to avoid crash. It's a bad teeter totter
...Obviously, there are some intermediate settings between the ones listed above.

Its definitely good coffee. As a pour-over, it's bright, complex with good body. But, I've really been enjoying it on the Europiccola (14g/28g) using the Apollo grinder. I utilize relatively long preinfusions (with a gently pull on the lever) and high temperature water. This is producing some PHENOMENAL shots. They are sweet, complex, floral and juicy. This is a light roast, for sure, but not ridiculously light.

I'm not getting strong jasmine from this. I'm not the best taster, but I don't think I'd miss this. I'm pretty confident the flavor/aroma is not present. Maybe its the bean, the roast or the extraction. To me, this just tastes like a really nice washed coffee. I don't know how anyone would drink this and say "oh yes, this is definitely a Gesha variety". I don't see how it sets itself apart from other really nice washed coffees. Hopefully, someone can enlighten me.

Hope this is a useful starting point for others and takes some of the fear out of roasting $20/lb beans :lol:

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Boldjava (original poster)
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#6: Post by Boldjava (original poster) »

Great notes Rick. Thorough. Mine will be briefer.

I roast on the Quest 3, waiting until it is thoroughly warmed up. If I have a premium bean, I roast a couple of more expendable beans first.

I reached 1st at 7:15 and pulled for external cooling on shop vac/bucket at 9:00 (407*). Measuring devices don't necessarily correlate. My 407 may not be your 407. First crack was complete around 1:35. I am not on Artisan as of yet so I turn down the heat by half a unit about 15-20 sec into first, turning up the fan by a full unit/digit.

Geshas will change a great deal by shortening or stretching the roast as little as 5 sec. We had the Guat Gesha at two different roast levels, 15 seconds difference before pulling, and it was like two different coffees. Play around with different roasts but the 1:45 is a good place to start (I do not care for a coffee that hasn't completed first crack -- others do).

I like to give a Gesha 6-7 days rest before I tackle it. I brewed this Gesha at 203* on a vac pot. We got wonderful, tongue coating oils, full of florals and stone fruit. Pay attention to the cup, top to bottom. As the cup cooled, it moved from those florals and stone fruits into a Meyer's lemon.

Enjoy all, db
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