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#11: Post by Brewzologist »

TomC wrote:First batch is roasted and jarred up. It'll be a painful wait. Might take some with me to a herf on saturday with some coffee/cigar friends
Playing the waiting game myself with a Mocca Harazi I got from Klatch recently. And my Yemen red arrived today from roastmasters, so would love to see your roast profile... 8)

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#12: Post by mkane »

Just sealed our Yemen for the deep freeze and had an odd amount left so while the roaster was hot gave 185g a whirl.

Not perfect but here it is.

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#13: Post by yakster »

TomC wrote:First batch is roasted and jarred up. It'll be a painful wait. Might take some with me to a herf on saturday with some coffee/cigar friends
Sounds like a great pairing.

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#14: Post by txxt »

Roasted this in the Bullet about 3 days ago now. Unfortunately did not get the roast recorded. Ended up @ 10:30 roast, FC @ 9:15-20.

Interesting behavior from the chaff as it seemed to cling much harder to these beans than others I've done. Pretty easily roasted as far as behavior and mostly went as expected as I dropped a lb of greens into P7 @ 414F and reduced to P6 near FC, going from F2-->F5 on an uncalibrated Bullet towards FC as well.

Brewed my first cup today about 25 minutes ago and only now tasting it at lukewarm. Immense dark chocolate, incredibly smooth. Lots of interspersed berry weaving through the chocolate. One of my new favorites for sure. Absolutely nothing not to like from my end. And reflects the Roastmasters description perfectly.

Worth the cash? To be debated but it is SUPER tasty.

Thanks for the notice OP!


#15: Post by olutheros »

Did a little test batch of this in the fresh roast a few days ago to something like city+ and tried it today as espresso and with milk, very plummy/stonefruity to me while hot as a straight shot, then extremely spicy -- like cinnamon and something else I can't put my finger on -- in a short milk drink.

Will no doubt be even better in a few days but definitely seems promising. Haven't had enough Yemeni coffee to really say how this ranks as well as I could with other origins, but it's certainly looking like one of the better ones I've tried.

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#16: Post by TomC »

Similar to the other commenters, I'm finding a lot to like in this cup. It's one of the cleanest and sweetest Yemeni coffees I've had. Cleaning up the cup while maintaining the thick body leaves a very silky mouthfeel on the palate. It's still too young to tweeze out delicate flavor separation and nuance, but it is like sipping a warm cup of juiced plum and persimmon.

* Edited to add:

If you manage to wait long enough for it to cool to room temperature, it drinks like chocolate sauce with maraschino cherry juice. But with high quality chocolate rather than the common junk.
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#17: Post by olutheros »

Did a larger batch in my huky where I have a little more control and dropped a little lighter than last time, this one is much more clearly cherry, like Tom mentioned, along with the plum I got last time, chocolate, and the undefinable spice taste.

I don't think I've gotten any of the 'berries and citrus' described by Roastmasters, but it's an excellent stonefruit coffee and probably has the least ferment flavors of any Yemeni coffee I've had before. Really excellent, happy I took the chance considering the pricetag.

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#18: Post by Zaneemomo (original poster) »

Have done a Chemex and pulled a shot. Very clean, smooth, cherry, chocolate, and that not quite definable spice. A bit lighter body. Yum yum yum. Overall one of the best Yemens I've tasted.

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#19: Post by GC7 »

Burman has another top lot that is similar or the same as the one here in this discussion. ~10% higher price :shock: ... at-salool/

and a peaberry that I've never seen in a Yemen coffee offering. I guess that shows the efforts to sort and quality control their coffees. ... haraaz-pb/

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#20: Post by Auctor »

I ended up purchasing a bit of this coffee on a whim. As a newbie home roaster on the Ikawa Home, does anyone have any suggestions for a roast curve or template I should use to get a great roast?