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Hey Everyone,
I'm relatively new to roasting and I'm very new to using a Huky/Artisan. I was using a sr540 for a few months before upgrading.

I bought a 33 lb bag of 'bag ends' from Showroom Coffee to just roast a ton and try to get used to using the roaster in order to not waste a ton of 'good beans'. The only info I have on them is that Tanzanian washed beans.

I'm looking for any tips/tricks/thoughts on this. I've done a lot of internet research watching youtube, read Coffee Roaster's Companion, watched some of Mill City roaster school online and plan to finish but that's very time consuming and I'm trying to roast!

Here's what I'm doing so far. I'm using a 300g batch, preheating to around 420F with fan on low and keeping that steady for about 15 - 20 minutes by making very small adjustments to the gas to keep it right at that temp. Then I reduce heat and let the temp drop to around 375 and get it steady, then cut the heat and fan completely. I let the temp drop to 370 and charge. At 1:10 I turned the heat on high and fan on a medium/low setting.

Then, after that, any plan I have goes out the window and I'm just pretty much making adjustments on the fly. I know I want to build momentum so I leave it on high but start lowering heat as I approach dry end. I don't really have a targets like reduce by or bet at a certain kPa at certain times/temperatures or anything. I couldn't even tell you what adjustments I made when. I think as I get better at it I'll start being able to notice more things like that but right now it's all very hectic for me still.

Here is my most recent roast. I did it late last night so haven't tried it yet. None of the coffee I've roasted so far has tasted very good and I know these beans may not be the best quality so I'm really looking for feedback on the curve/milestones and any tips/tricks you all may have.

Thank you for reading my novel. Cheers!

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edited - ok i got the picture of the curve to show here. also FYI i've got the smooth set to 3 in artisan - it definitely makes it look a little better lol. what's the protocol for that here? is 3 right? or should i leave at 0 or 1 or 2 or? what do yall do?

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For Artisan, read the quick start guide. Skim each topic first and then go back and read in detail what interests you. Link below in my sig. For smoothing try to see if you can use it at zero and get used to reading it that way. Smoother isn't better. There are some good threads here on the Huky that you can search for, and others that own them will likely chip in here.

Most important is learn how you like your coffee and then learn to roast to that. Lots of great greens available to you.

Good to learn using the same coffee.
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Not a bad result for an early roast on the Huky! There are some things you could do to improve that roast, but read on first for how you can provide info that would help us help you.

-- Would recommend leaving various smoothing/filter settings in Artisan as low as possible during a roast, which of course makes things more jagged. Why do this? Because smoothing/filtering slows down reporting of probe values and you want them to be as 'real-time' as possible so you can make any needed changes quickly to stay on track during your roast. If you want your graph to be pretty, apply smoothing afterward.

-- Tired of reading about roasting? There is one more book to read: Coffee Roasting Best Practices by Scott Rao. Chock full of useful nuggets.

-- I recommend you start logging your gas/air events in Artisan (see below for example). Two reasons for this: 1) so we can see how to help you and 2) so you can use a roast profile as a background for your next roast of a bean and know when you should be making changes.

Keep it up! And make liberal use of the search function for 'Huky' in the roasting forum. Lots of great info on it for your reading pleasure.

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thank you both for your reply and suggestions. i'm setting up to mark gas/air changes as events and will try it out. that suggestion and going back through the quick start guide are great. i did read through the quick start guide but that was before i had ever roasted on it and it makes a lot more sense now.

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second all of the above, I take it yours is a solid drum?

For me it works great to leave air at a fixed speed, start gas at 4.5kPa no soak, and decrease heat in 0.5kPa steps after 3.20min or so YMMV.... (in my artisan graphs you'll note I charge at much higher temps than others with fixed drums)
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