New Kaldi Wide 400 center 306 + Artisan Questions

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Long time lurker, first time poster, so appreciate all advice.

Just unboxed my new Kaldi Wide 400 this weekend, and am having some issues ensuring I am using the correct setup, and hoping for some advice.

Upon unboxing, the device sensors were tagged as the bean sensor as "T1" in the yellow connector, and the higher environmental sensor as "T2" on its yellow connector. I plugged these into the Center 306 devices as marked in the corresponding T1 and T2 spaces. So far, everything is working correctly.

When I plug the USB cable into Artisan, it seems to be incorrectly reading ET as T1 and BT as T2. This has given the effect of confusing me on what I am seeing, and I doubt is feeding the correct info in terms of RoR. In essence, what I am seeing is the bean temp probe physically connected in the Center 306 as T1, but shows as ET in Artisan, and the environmental probe in the exhaust airflow is connected to the Center 306 as T2, but shows up as BT in Artisan.

To get things matching what I think they should be, I have reversed the sensor connectors so that the sensor for the bean area (marked T1) on the yellow sensor connector) is plugged into the Center 306 T2 slot, and the environmental sensor (marked T2) is plugged into the Center 306 T1 slot. This makes Artisan read the correct sensor, but now the readings on the Center 306 are reversed and the display for T1 is reading from what should be T2 and vica versa.

So my question is whether this is normal for others or do I have some setting in Artisan which is off? Research has shown me that I can reverse ET <-> BT in the Config -> Curves -> Filters area, which does seem to put things how they should be, but I am not sure if there are going to unintended results of changing that parameter.

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jokershill wrote:but I am not sure if there are going to unintended results of changing that parameter.
No, it should be fine. That's what I did with my Kaldi Wide 400 hook up to Artisan. Keep the probe plug number and Center input number matched and just flip the ET and BT in Artisan config.

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More importantly you should note the contraints of the 306 from the Artisan Device Page.

Dual K-Type
RS232 Interface (9600-8N1), cable included
Minimal stable sampling rate in Artisan: 4sec

If you can afford to switch to Phidgets to use 1 or 2 seconds. Some will say the 306 works. Also has a proprietary cable so don't lose it or swap it. Not easy to replace.
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Duly noted. I just ran a few more batches through and with the curves mirroring setting enabled, things worked perfectly. I suspect I will go down the phidgets route shortly so appreciate the advice.