New Kaldi Fortis Setup

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I've been reading all about it, and finally decided to upgrade from my Gene Cafe.

I really love this little machine.
It's new, Ive only roasted twice, but thats because Ive been working on the setup for about a week.
Almost done, but thought it was time to post.
I don't think enough people are talking about this little machine, it is really awesome.

I am working on an etched plate with power buttons and speed controls. This one is temporary.
Removed the power button from behind the machine, It's now on the control panel with the green lights.
I am making a cover plate where the power button used to be.
Also, extended the thermo coupler cables to the top next to the power buttons.
I am still working on the bean cooler
Also, 3d printed the coupler for the motor to the cyclone, and an old mini dell computer for the chaff collector.
It actually works great.

Also, I have no idea on my temperatures. Need to do more research.
Roasted on look, time and temperature so far, bean look, smell, and taste wonderful.

Also #2 - I ran gas lines from my stove to this stove.
It's a single burner running on Natural Gas, so I don't have to purchase propane.
It works really good.

Also #3 - Built the frame the Fortis is sitting on. Very simple and bolted to the existing holes at the bottom of the roaster, then bolted to the counter top. This thing is solid, doesn't move at all. Air flow directly from the sides so draws air into the machine mostly from those holes.

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Nice job! :D

Capuchin Monk

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Very nice! Where did you get the blower fan / motor and which model is it?

dtrevino15 (original poster)

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Amazon for the blower motors. I have a second for my bean cooler, I should hopefully have that done soon.
It's plenty of air, as you can see the chaff collector collected almost all the chaff, none in the machine when I was done.
2" exhaust pipe from the Fortis to outside.
The 3d printed flange worked great as well.


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I think I would never leave this space. Amazing work!

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Thanks. My wife allowed me to put this coffee bar in our Dining Room. She loves coffee as well and said I have ruined her for any store purchased coffee.

I roasted my first 600 gram batch last night, came out so good. I really need to finish my bean cooler.

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To cover up the back, where the switch used to be, I cut a piece of aluminum, spray painted, then etched with a laser, the Kaldi logo. Not perfect but better than a big hole.

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Like the fan venting

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I just got a kaldi as well and trying to setup my ventilation for it. Is that one of the plastic cyclones? I would think it would melt being so close to the roaster