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The Android app was published prior to Ikawa's release of the Home 100g model last year, and allowed profile creation and editing. I happened to have an old Android phone laying around (it's 2022, who doesn't?) and that became my primary UI for my roaster. After installing the app I turned off all updates in case Ikawa decides to plug this hole (Ikawa, if you're reading this: don't, it's petty, and you'll just anger people who won't ever be customers of your curated coffee service). I've found taking the phone completely 'off grid' makes it connect to the roaster in a just a couple seconds, compared to the iOS app sometimes taking several minutes.

Armchair Entrepreneur Mode: Add Home roaster support to the Pro app, per subscription. That would enable recipe sharing across all machines and allow Home users to nerd-out with their machines (tabular data entry, import/export). People share music playlists, why not coffee roasters? It's a potential biz model for professional rockstar roasters to promote their brand... Okay, shutting up now.

It turns out the iOS app can edit profiles IF they're "legacy". However, you can only change the existing points in the profile and can't change the name of the profile or make a copy of it. Profiles from the Android app are considered legacy, so all the profiles I've posted in the Ikawa Home Profiles thread are editable with the iOS app. It may just be a matter of time before Ikawa decides to retire legacy profiles...

The Android app lacks the latest curated 'dial-a-roast' features of the iOS app, which is a great place to start. However, I found their profiles were too timid about going dark (Full City ish), so I felt compelled to jump into the rabbit hole. It's not that hard, and there are plenty helpful peeps here on HB to support new users. Everything else about the Android app seems to work just fine: new profile creation, full editing, save/recall, etc.. The only bug I've observed is the app infrequently crashing out at the end of a roast.