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#381: Post by ira »

When I first connected my Pro, the first thing it did was upgrade the roaster via Bluetooth so I assume they can do the same thing with the Home. Took a while but not really an issue.


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MNate wrote:I just tried mine and it works as usual. Even made a new profile and it was fine. I'm only on the regular user account, not the Advanced Editor, if maybe that's an issue.

Iowa_Boy, you have several roasters, I think, so you should be fine but you're welcome to come over to roast! Or gather. We may hit up the new coffee shop near me as our previous host is working there now. Hope you're well!
Thanks! Still holding out hope that it's an issue that will get corrected. I have plenty of Ikawa greens to get through, so I suppose in meantime I could also just set up another account and roast with their profiles. Still, would have hoped we would have heard something from Ikawa by now.

We need another MN get together! Sorry I missed the last one. Maybe a roasting focused one? In meantime, trying to refine my pizza skills which is my newest hobby. :D

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#383: Post by jakline »

Thanks for reporting these issues, Dick. Usability was never good in this app, and now it's much worse. In addition to what you have reported, the app is now horrible at syncing (at least for iOS). I always use my iPhone for roasting, but input data in the app on my iPad. Alas, it's nearly impossible to get the roasts to sync to the iPad.

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#384: Post by Peppersass »

I use the iPad with my Pro 50 exclusively, and haven't noticed issues with syncing. Can you describe the symptoms in more detail?

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I wonder if they changed the Bluetooth chip in the 100s? Last time I used my Pro 100 with my iPad Air 4 it took quite a long time to connect and the Home 100 before that had issues connecting to my wife's iPad Pro. It always works, it's just absurdly slow to connect at times.


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Now that a few people have this ... how does it compare to the Fresh Roast?

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#387: Post by jakline »

Hi Dick,

Given that you use your iPad exclusively, you wouldn't have the issue I'm talking about. I roast with my iPhone, but then want to enter additional information (coffee name, roasted weight, roast vision score) for each roast on my iPad. That used to work great, but now the roasts only show up on the iPad very infrequently.

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#388: Post by Peppersass »

jakline wrote:Given that you use your iPad exclusively, you wouldn't have the issue I'm talking about.
Your issue could be related to one of the issues I described: loss of all but 5 or 6 or my stored profiles. That could be a sync or download issue, too.


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Any of you guys getting carbon build up in your roast chamber (Pro 100)? I'm getting some black residue at the bottom where Ikawa says not to clean. I'm wondering if this is normal "seasoning" or something that needs to be addressed. Curious to know if any of you have a roast chamber bottom that looks like this.

I'm able to easily clean the sides but everything I've read from Ikawa says to not clean the bottom. If this is abnormal then I guess I need to get in contact with them. I don't roast dark and I have around 100 roasts on it, maybe less.


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Hello, I've been eyeing on Ikawa Home for awhile (looking for a decent used one), and I wanted to ask how everyone thinks of the roaster.

I love the idea of just putting the beans and pushing the button. How is the consistency? Will you get the same results every time as long as you're using the same beans? And how is the flavor of the roasted beans? My favorite is Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and I'd likely buy the green beans directly from Ikawa.

Any competitors that may be better while providing one touch + smokeless solution?

Are you only using the roaster since you bought it? Or do you also buy roasted beans elsewhere? If so, why?