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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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I haven't signed for a package since the pandemic started. My experience has been that the sender has to specifically request "no drop" or the package will be left. I find it mildly terrifying when a multi-thousand dollar item is just left on my front porch.

They used to not knock as well until I put a sign on my front door asking them to ring the doorbell.

Even so, I had to get a doorbell camera to keep my sanity. Ironically, the first doorbell camera I bought was dropped off on a porch and disappeared. The courrier emailed a pic proving that they delivered the parcel. I emailed back a pic showing my porch wasn't the porch in their pic :lol:.


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I've seen quite a few comments about the paid editing 'feature' for the iPhone app... Note the key word in my last sentence was "iPhone". I'm new to the Ikawa, but it appears the Android version of the app is still an earlier version that does allow editing without triggering a payment screen.

Furthermore, the Android app gave me access to "Legacy" recipes that I could email to my iPhone. Legacy recipes are editable on the iPhone, without requiring the paid editing capability. For example: ... KAGIBMQ==

I can select and move the existing breakpoints in the legacy recipe on my iPhone, then rename it to my own custom program. I've noted these 'legacy' recipes can't be removed from my master list of recipes, so consider that before linking to a legacy recipe.

Ikawa might plug this at some point. In the meantime, and for what its worth, there is a way to create your own recipes with the free app on the iPhone. That said, I don't think I can compete with Ikawa's in-house team for coming up with recipes, so I'm still inclined to use their offerings and try to match them against whatever beans I happen to source. To that end, does anyone have a Ikawa Panama recipe to share?

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sosha wrote:Going thru their library, I see they recommend a "medium ++" roast for a Panama geisha?
Klatch roasts theirs Medium or Light-Medium. I find the Ikawa's settings run light, so what bothers you? Is it the ++? That refers to development time, not roast level (well, I don't know what that means for the bean), and ++ is "average". They run +, ++, and +++.

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I'm learning that. Gonna practice with some Gesha this week. Should be fun
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Could you share the roast profile (screenshot), recipe, or the QR code for the Gesha? Is it a slow ramp / fast ramp / or do they spike the temp to start the drying process quickly? Perhaps the moisture content is different for ASD beans, which might warrant a special roast profile.

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For example...

Roast time: 6:00 min
Description: A steady and gradual rise in temperature
ensures that this dense and exotic bean is dried evenly
before entering development. The peak temperature is
quite high, right at the beginning of first crack and the
development phase, ensuring a medium roast degree.
This recommended filter recipe will provide lots of
tropical fruit flavours, giving it a complex acidity, paired
with a silky and lasting mouthfeel and body, with little to
no bitterness.


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Thanks mgrayson for sharing the Gesha profile! The slow ramp is interesting, as many (most?) of the Ikawa profiles tend to spike the temperature early to extend the development time. Their Gesha profile is kinda similar to their Dumerso profile.

I downloaded the Gesha profile from Ikawa and noted their espresso program uses essentially the same strategy. I further noted that neither recipe allows the Roast Degree or Development Time to be modified - LOL, opinionated much? Either there's only one right answer for how to roast Gesha, or they didn't want to burn through 14x more inventory to explore the full roasting space.

It appears that Gesha is only for people that like "Complex" (aka high) acidity and hate bitterness...


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Pressino wrote:The New Ikawa looks like an very nice fluid bed roaster with the ability to precisely control roast profiles and perhaps even allow indoor roasting without too much exhaust odors. The mainlimitation for me is its 100g roast limit, even if as the literature claims it is good for back-to-back roasts. I'd probably buy one if it were less expensive, or pay a bit more for it if it could handle batches of 200g or more.

Other than the batch size, it appears to be an extremely capable compact hot air roaster, on paper the most capable I've seen so far.
I have done back to back roasts, indoor under the range hood (to just reduce the roasting smells or it would be fine otherwise) no problems. I do think a small batch size maybe more advisable than the full 100gms as I noticed the beans in the center don't get fully roasted...

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Not only are back to back roasts no problem, but repeating a roast requires just one button push. If I were selling roasted coffee, it would be an issue. For my family's consumption, it is no problem at all. I also appreciate that I can get seven different test batches from one pound of greens.


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GDM528 wrote: Furthermore, the Android app gave me access to "Legacy" recipes that I could email to my iPhone. Legacy recipes are editable on the iPhone, without requiring the paid editing capability. For example: ... KAGIBMQ==
Would you mind generating and sharing all of the original "legacy" recipes?