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Hi, I'm about ready to place an order for a Huky. I thought I had everything figured out but no.
I want a basic 500T. I want to use Phidgets RTDs but I have a problem hacking up a new machine. Is there a way to mount PT1000 4-Wire RTD 11cm probes at ET and BT without drilling or cutting? Mr Li sent a picture of the front of a Huky.

The probe mounts from Phidgets are either 12mm or 3/8" diameter. So the BT Mount is too small and the ET Mount says 1/4" PT. I assume that means NPT which would make it 1/2" diameter opening. The 3/8" Mount might work if it's long enough.
I've asked him to clarify the dimensions of the ET opening.

What do you think?

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it is possible, yet you need to order the right probe mounts. Sam ordered them from Makomo (he is behind Artisan, they also sell the phidget plus RTD upgrade kits), alternatively you could source the right size compression gland's probably a bit of a search but doable.

I ended up MacGyvering one of the two standard compression fittings as I ordered everything too quickly (patience is not a virtue to me), drilling the compression fitting from 3mm to 3.2 did not take long.

be careful with the length though, size matters, avoid having the probes catch the drum (BT and ET)
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Ok, I went back to Mr Li. He has 3.1mm TCs. I'm going to purchase them through him.
That's perfect for me becausei did not want to be drilling into a new machine. Plus the ET fitting was weird, different than the other two.
Anyway, I'll post when I place the order.

Cheers, thanks for all the help. This is an excellent forum.

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I tinkered with thinner TC's , you may want to consider starting off using RTDs straightaway. They ARE more expensive so if budget is a constraint you can always switch later, it's just that controllability really is so much better.
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You're right. If Mr Li offered both I would do the RTDs for sure.
I can upgrade later now that I'll have the 3mm TCs.


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Order placed!
Hi Frank,
Maintaining the old quote.
Confirm your order

500T perforated drum----------------------------1220 USD with quick connect.
Propane IR stove---------------------------------------99 USD
Exhaust hood---------------------------------------------49 USD
Extra funnel------------------------------------------------14 USD
BT ET & MET all Sheath Thermocouple-----114 USD

Cancel standard probe x 2------------------- -36 USD

Shipping--------------------------------------------------203 USD
Total--------------------------------------------------------1663 USD

There has been a price increase but he dropped his price to the one he originally quoted back in Sept.
I'll let you know how it goes.

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#27: Post by Marcelnl »

Almost sure you will like it, I find the Huky to be very easy to handle due to it's pretty well thought out design.
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So, I have some questions about the Huky that's on it's way here.

Do I need to break in the drum? I would hate to throw away coffee.

Gas fittings:
I want to use a 40lb tank.
I thought it was going to come with a fitting for a propane bottle, so I would need to change it. I thought. I have a couple bottles so I was going to use them until I get everything sorted out.

I've read the threads until I'm dizzy. I'm not sure what I need.
I was going to buy this ... _lig_dp_it

I also thought I would need... ... _lig_dp_it
And maybe this... ... _lig_dp_it
And this... ... _lig_dp_it

These were all copied from the other threads here except where a thing was no longer available.
I just wanted to double check before I buy all this stuff.

Thanks fellow coffee nuts

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#29: Post by Brewzologist »

That all looks good but double check those threads and your gas fitting needs to be sure. The reason for recommending a different regulator is the one Mr. Li sends is not made for USA propane tanks. It works but not great and had to be put on tight to avoid leaking. Also, a standard bbq regulator won't put out enough heat so get the variable regulator.

And no, you don't need to break in the drum. But if you decide to you can try to get old greens from a local roaster. Mill City also may sell seasoning greens for cheap. Definitely don't use good coffee just to season with.

Yes the threads are long. :shock: But you'll save yourself a lot of grief by reading them! :) It would also benefit others seeking similar info if you post topic-specific questions to the relevant threads instead of here in a general thread (e.g. Huky - Gas Regulator) Thanks! :D


#30: Post by Frankc1450 »

Yes I've read a lot of the threads, not all.
Your posts have been very helpful.

I'll let you know how it works