New Cup of Excellence category - "Experimentals"

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... Each participating country in the COE can choose to feature three distinct categories, enabling producers to compete more equitably and allowing juries to apply more nuanced criteria during the cupping process. The result of this process will be the recognition of the finest coffees from each category.

The categories for the Brazil Cup of Excellence 2023 are as follows:
  • Dry Process Category (Naturals)
  • Wet Process Category (Inclusive of any method where the cherries undergo depulping, such as Washed, Honey, Pulped Naturals, semi-washed)
  • Experimentals (Encompassing both wet and dry processes with special treatments, provided no additives other than water are used)

Cupping and scoring these processes separately will result in 3 unique sets of Cup of Excellence winners announced at the October 28th awards ceremony. ...
- from a CoE e-mail. I don't see anything on yet. I suspect that there needs to be some clarification as to what "no additives other than water" means, e.g., are cultures like Aspergillus oryzae (koji-kin) okay? or does it just mean no cinnamon :P.
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