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Hi, I just received my new roaster and mostly am ready to roast. But, there is one part included, in a plastic bag that looks like a probe which screws on, with two long wire probes (one gold, one silver) on the other end. Does anyone know what that is, and if it need to be installed somewhere prior to roasting?

Also, I have RTD probes and I am not certain of how to install them in the Cormorant. They don't go in easily and I don't want to force them. They only go in about an inch or two and they don't slide easily. Do I have to remove the nuts and washers on the two inlets or do I leave them in? Is it OK to force in the RTD probes with a bit of pressure?



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Hi Mike,
Did you order a phidget set? My roaster came with the phidget set already installed. All I had to do was connect the hub cable to my laptop and configure artisan to the roaster. The only other assembly I had to do was installing the feet and various wood handles. Have you contacted Johan about this?
For the RTD probes, I would join the Cormorant Users Group on Facebook and post the question. There are a lot of experienced people there that have the knowledge about RTD probes, etc., and are willing to help you out. You will usually get responses within a day.

BoulderMike (original poster)

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Thanks Dave. I did reach out to Johan and heard back from him today. The probe part is actually for the burner in case the thermocouple on the roaster gets damaged during shipping.
I think I am OK on the phidget with the kind help of carefreebuzzbuzz, they just don't go in very far, but are registering temp.
I wish the Cormorant Users Group was not on Facebook. I will not use Facebook.