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I tried a couple ending at FCe, but didn't seem to like the coffee. Not sure if I'm so accustomed to the Behmor profile where everything tasted the same (and now that I can taste the coffee, it tastes "wrong"), or if my BC-2 roasts just aren't good yet. Time will tell.

I have Artisan autosave as a pdf. HB didn't let me attach, so I took a screenshot, saved as a jpg, and attached. Agree, can't see the gas numbers well. and others are a bit difficult too. I'll send you the pdf.
I'll read that darker roast thread, and read about Analyzer.

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Eye strain to read but eyes are old. Don't make a gas adjustment if your within 1 minute of 1c.
If Artisan is set up so it show percentile's, once your in 1c lower heat @ around 12% or so.

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I edited post #29 by saving the profile by doing File, Save Graph, and choosing Full Size, but still seems blurry.
I need to look at my auto-save, and change that to an image file rather than pdf and see if that helps.

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beanman wrote:Here's the vent caps I have on both hot air and cooling tray. ... 20&ipos=10
Thin aluminum, but at the end of the tube is an aluminum flap to help keep air out. Of course it swings open with airflow.
Since they're on clearance, I bought a spare today. For $2.99 I can afford to have it sit around.

These are the nice ones I mentioned earlier. Stainless, copper, aluminum.
But shipping will kill ya at 25-30% of the order cost (or free ship with $700 order :shock: )

Of course, if you use pellet stove pipe, some brands have vents with flappers.
Some exhaust ideas
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I would like to know why everyone seems to mark dry @ 300°? Our beans don't yellow at that temp.

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90% of mine yellow by 305. Close is good enough for this marking isn't it? What do you mark yours at?
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I mark end of yellow (EOY) ~325F which for me is easier to identify than when they yellow IMO. The lack of anything green could be when they yellow which is around 300-320. But I learned roasting by sight and smell with a heat gun/dog bowl and 325F stuck with me as when things really changed. When and if I find myself roasting without a BT probe, the EOY point would be my point of interest.
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mkane wrote:I would like to know why everyone seems to mark dry @ 300°? Our beans don't yellow at that temp.
A typical high-grown dense washed green will hit yellow around 302F/150C and hit first crack around 392F/200C.

They're just numbers, though.
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Mine seem to be around 305-310°. There all not the same.

What I have noticed is the drop temp will be 20°higher if I select 320°dry, 1c @ 390° or so and 20% dev.

What I have also noticed is we can't roast with the shop doors open this time of year. It can be quire windy and the ET curve is all over the place.

Guess I'm going to do some plumbing. I have been rolling the set-up close to the door and just spewing smoke out that way.