A new beginning for me

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Randy G.

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After many years of roasting on air roasters and then on Hottops, and then about two years of, to put it kindly, less-than-optimal market coffee beans, I am just about ready to come back to reality. I have put a payment down on a Decent, and I set up my new-to-me roaster...

It is a Santoker 500. I believe it is one of the early models, and it was imported by Dustin Demers. The exterior markings on the crate indicate that it was addressed to an apartment!

I was at Home Depot today and saw the perfect table for a roaster. Plenty big enough for the roaster and a laptop, hardwood top, sturdy legs, and good quality locking wheels.It even has a hand crank that raises and lowers the table. Couldn't resist.

Ordering green and a phidget set up next week! Should be able to move into the house in two weeks or so.
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Team HB

#2: Post by drgary »

Congratulations, Randy. You're truly coming home again. I'm very happy for you!

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!

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#3: Post by marcism »

To be honest this is a surprise. For some reason I imagined you, Randy, as a coffee roasting magnate, responsible for the caffeination of millions of adoring customers.

That being said, I think you actually might be to blame for a large amount of the addicts on this forum. :mrgreen:

Enjoy your new set up!

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#4: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

The stress of caffeine has many tolls. Congratulations.

Are you leaving the TC's or going all in with RTDs too?

Thanks for sharing.
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#5: Post by GC7 »

Congratulations and best of luck with your new setups.

You were perhaps the most influential reason I had such success (in my mind) with my HotTop and maintaining it. Your bean chute mod for a thermocouple was a game changer. Many thanks!

Be well and enjoy your new toys.


#6: Post by davecx365 »

Randy, nice machine and table. You got that at Home Depot? Roughly what was the cost of the table?


#7: Post by Vince_in_Montreal »

Sweet Randy congrats. Good looking machine, can't wait for your upcoming roast report :)

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Randy G. (original poster)

#8: Post by Randy G. (original poster) »

davecx365 wrote:Randy, nice machine and table. You got that at Home Depot? Roughly what was the cost of the table?
With sales tax it was $192. I was looking at a hydraulic-list cart at Jegs, but it was narrower and shorter and more expensive. This one is very sturdy, and assembled with the top adjusted at the lowest height it even went into the back of my 1990 Volvo 245!
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#9: Post by Marcelnl »

cool car!

Great to see you getting back at it!

have fun...
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#10: Post by daustin777 »

I have that same table from Home Depot for my MCR 500g roaster. It has worked well! Enjoy!
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