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Pretty scary stuff. Thanks for the heads up. If I roast inside again I'll do so by an open window with good ventilation. :shock:


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mikelipino wrote:Yikes that's unfortunate, Daniel. Hopefully SM will acknowledge that the fan failure and the temperature probe are unrelated. But let us know how it all goes!
It took until the first week of the new year, but SM sent me a used popper to take the place of my failed unit. They stated that it had only seen 8 or so roasts (and had a weird sticker residue on the front case) but I'm happy that they took care of me. I haven't used the popper, though, since I upgraded to the SR800.

It definitely roasts a LOT differently than the popper. FC comes at a much higher BT and ET (with the same probes) than with the popper. If the popper didn't have such a small batch size, I'd keep using it as it was a breeze to learn on. Most of my roasts on the SR800 (only 5 roasts in) have come out at a much more muted flavor and much darker than I want. I'll definitely be upgrading the stock chamber to the extended chamber soon, too.


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That's cool that SM sent you a replacement!

It's not surprising that the SR800 temps are wildly different, as the probe placement seems to matter a lot, and there's probably different dynamics with cyclonic vs more laminar air flow. I'd say as long as you can establish some machine-specific milestone temps for either machine, then you can do some repeatable roasts. How are your times looking on the SR800? Muted flavors tell me your roasts are running long regardless of roast color. The SR800 should be able to hit 1C in 5-6 minutes and get to full city in another 2-3 min, is that what you're seeing? That's my uninformed take on it, but I'm sure better info will be in the SR thread.

Also the SR800 is a 1750W machine (compared with the Popper, which is 1200W), so voltage drop is going to be worse, especially with older house wiring or an extension cord. You may also look to decrease the batch size, I've seen online as low as 165 g.