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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.

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Yes, wondering if they have any kind of regulation of the temperature, or just fixed power percents... :?
Their so called profiles are deceivingly simplistic to detect such subtleties.
This dilemma can be easily solved if owning a variac, and vary voltage with some 5V during a roast, then examine the roast log if the system responded adapting power level to maintain hot air temperature.


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I have been roasting on poppers for about a dozen years and before that a whirley pop. About 7 years ago I bought an sr500 and then a Nesco roaster with the auger for agitation. Then a year later picked up a Behmor 1600 plus. In the mean time I've always kept 2 unmodified poppers. One is a West Bend Poppery 2 and the other a popcorn pumper where I can get nice city-city plus roasts in the 6-8 minute range roasting times.

I recently picked up an SR800 with the OEM Extention Tube and the chamber mod by Razzo. The roasts are amazing and I'm following a controlled system approach where I only change airflow and my heat/power setting stays on 4 the entire roast. I begin with 9/4 and end at sometimes 4/4 or 3/4 depending on roast time/development. This usually gets me a total roast time in the 8-10 minute range depending on the bean. My family has said this is by far the best coffee I have made and they are by far my greatest critics.

I say all of that to say this. I'm still going to buy Sweet Marias Popper just to have a modified Popper and see what I can do with having the fan/heat controls and then compare those results with my Poppery 2 and SR800. I think its fair to compare various types of fluid bed roasters and see what the results are like when comparing the 3 with the same bean. There is something about a popper I really like and maybe its because its 100% sensory with sight, smell and sound.

At $89 and without having to go through all the trial/error of finding the right popper and then modifying it you might as well get the SM Popper and save yourself all the trouble and frustration of getting that perfect roasting machine under the $100 price point.