My new Kaldi (Korean Drum Roaster)

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Just want to share - You may have seen this roaster on ebay but there isn't much info on it elsewhere. I took a chance on this and I think it is a super deal at $345 delievered (without hopper and trier).

The thermometer isn't great and is slow reacting to temp changes. Not sure if it can be fitted somehow with a better temperature reader, but would like suggestions.

The roaster itself is very high quality materials and fit/finish.

The motor seems well over spec'd for the roaster.

I did a 1/2lb roast for the first roast and it had no problems - I hit first crack before 9 minutes on my gas range. I think it could do 3/4lb easily, or more.

Super happy with this thing so far.

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Looks nice. How is thermometer attached? You could probably get a compression type fitting and use a probe and an amprobe to log temps.
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The thermometer screws into the flexible arm that is attached to the chaff box on front. You just stick the thermometer in the opening. I definitely would like to put some sort of probe there instead, and hopefully tie it into artisan.


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I like it. I am curious as to how you wold clean it. Price is very good as well. Can you get any accories for it. I see on their website it is all in Korean. I guess accessories hard to get?
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It's an elegantly designed, minimal Burns style roaster (no forced air ventilation, perforated drum with heated air ventilation). It looks promisingly bullet proof as well. Price is amazing

The only drawback is this: it's very hard to get an accurate drum temperature or MET reading on Burns style roasters; and it's impossible to get quick temperature changes (gas adjustments only). That means there's a long learning curve, and less ability to experiment. People I know with this style roaster tend to settle on one good profile and stick with it.

I'm hoping to see lots of pimped and modded versions here soon.
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What Jim said, and...

I wouldn't worry too much about temperature readings but would go full sensorial -- sights, sounds and smells.

Figure three intervals. One, "Drying," goes from Charge through the smells of grass and hay to the smell of baking bread mixed with rum. Two, "Ramp" goes to the sound of 1st Crack... but you want to anticipate 1st Crack rather than run into it, and the sensory cue is again olfactory: toasting bread. The third period is Development, which runs from the end of 1st Crack as far as you want to go -- even into rolling 2d Crack.

A good plan with that kind of roaster is to try and keep the first two intervals around 4 minutes each, and Development more than 1:15, but less than 2:15. That means dropping the heat considerably just before 1st Crack, at the "toasting bread" cue.

Good luck,
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Looks very well made...
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I've had my eyes on that roaster as well. From owner accounts I occasionally see on the internet I got the feeling that one can simply contact the gentleman who makes the roaster and ask him about special features. If you want to have different probes, he might be able to accommodate you at the source, even drilling extra ports to stick them where you want. Obviously, you already have the machine, but don't be afraid to ask to see if he has any suggestions. And then pick up your drill...


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anymore details on who makes this roaster and how to get a hold of one?


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I have been thinking about investing in the kaldi. The furthest I could trace these roasters back was to g-market, a korean online store. On that site I ran into this beauty. ... =632064529

It seems to have a much more intuitive hopper and trier system. I can't seem to find anything else though.

They're calling it the kaldi 'wide'. If you guys find out anything more about it, let me know!