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Keep in mind, that is a very general and broad statement. There are some that will take a dark roast but I find that most work best at city+ to full city.
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The latest batch, I did not include any yirg, instead of substituted 1.5 oz guatemalan, along with 1.5 oz of chiapas, 1.5 oz of aged sumatra, .8 oz of robusta (because it's all I had left) and 7 oz of Brazil. I roasted it to the start of second crack. It's sublime. Less bright, more floral, very sweet. Highly recommended to make the blend not so bright. It's too early to tell if I like it better this way in milk.

I'm out of robusta. I think I will add some Bali or Panama peaberry, but in a very small amount and see how it goes.

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Tristan (original poster)

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The blend is still going strong!

The latest batch is 7 oz Brazil Formosa, 1 oz Costa Rican, 1 oz Colombian, 1 oz Aged Sumatra, 1 oz Bali (I was out of robusta), 1 oz Yirg Misty Valley, 1 oz PNG Kimel A. I'd have to say this was one of my favorite batches so far, really sweet, complex and VERY fruity. It cuts through very nicely in milk.

I plan to repeat the last batch but swap the swap the Bali for Indian Robusta and Costa Rican/Colombian for Guatemalan/Chiapas combo. I want to go back to the original Guat/Chiapas combo because I think the blend was more balanced. When I roast again I will post results.