My Artisan has delay on plotting extra graphs.

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Hi guys,

Is there anybody using extra graph on Artisan("config" - "device" - "extra devices")?

I made a graph showing the slope of each "Delta BT" value every second, but It delays about 30 secs.

For calculating the slope, I have (R2-R2[-1])*6

If you just check out the image below and circled areas(the peak of delta BT & extra graph showing 'slope = 0'),
You will see it doesn't match at the same time.

I appreciate if anybody can help me with this issue.


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This article could help -

Symbolic Formulas: Basics, New Variables and Applications

Look in the section called -Rate-of-Rise in C/30sec or F/15sec

Also search the blog in general.

You posted this thread in coffees so you might want to ask the Admin to move it to Roasting.
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coffee_plXR (original poster)

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Oh thanks.

By the way, I'm afraid website manual you posted just generally describes the function and parameters, not troubleshooting.

I've read it more than twice, but the explanation didn't help much for me.

In fact, I wanted to ask Artisan for help directly, and It seems they don't have any contact window :(

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Manual is for basic info only. Advanced questions can be posted as a discussion on GitHub where you download the software. There is a help page where the options are described. Click on the question mark. Hope that helps.
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#5: Post by jfife »

I am also an Artisan user and have seen filtering and smoothing of BT causing delays on my ROR graphs, but never as long as 30 sec. You could try experimenting with your Curves_Filtering panel and look for a change.

b.t.w. I am curious what formula you're using here ... (R2-R2{-1})*6 . Can you describe verbally or with different notation. Are you raising a term to the 6-th power?

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One other thought... Are you experiencing delays on your computer? I ran Artisan on an old computer a while back and got priority interrupts from my antivirus program AVG. It would stall Artisan while it scanned or updated its database. I presently use a machine with a faster processor and have taken the roaster off-line to avoid interruptions.