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mkane wrote:Papery taste with seasoning beans. I'll be darned.
I haven't gotten my seasoning greens yet. I scratched together roughly 5lbs of Costa Rican Tres Rios and 3lbs of El Salvador. Both washed. These beans should have been relatively fresh. I called them throw away because I didn't particularly care for them but bought too much. I got antsy and wanted to put something through it

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EddyQ wrote:This papery taste may go away after a few more days.

Overall, your profile looks pretty good. But I don't think your dry is too quick. It looks a little over 4min, which is actually a tiny bit long. Your turning point temp is a bit high. I cannot tell if it is due to gas too high or too high of charge temp. With my 1K roaster I keep gas almost off until 1.5 min and then give it all the burner have. My turning point is about the same time as yours and range between 150 and 180F. It too high, my next roast would be charged a bit lower temp.

The roaster looks amazing BTW!
Thanks for your perspective. It is great getting a variety of feedback. The beans still have the "bready yeast" aroma of beans right out of a roaster after being cooled. Not sure if I'm describing that aroma correctly but it's pretty common smell that goes away after a day or so. I'm used to cupping the next morning when doing 100g batches but having 8lbs in a sealed tub may be a different dynamic. I'll cup again after it sits for a bit. My wife really liked it this morning but I ground some for her before I went to bed so they likely off gassed significantly before she brewed in the morning.

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Simple amazing 8lbs of coffee can dry in 4minutes