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This morning we made a pot from a roast I did around the time I made this thread. Some good flavor came through (some berry: an Ethiopian Natural) but it had some of that quality I was unhappy with, which I described as lack of body. I looked at the Artisan curves for that roast, which I should have posted, and now I can see there was a big flick and crash, and also a bit of a plateau in the RoR just before FC. The good news is now I have the experience to recognize these problems with this roaster during a roast and usually prevent them. So I guess my early Hottop roasts were "baked." With more experience I think I would describe it differently: it's not a lack of body but a kind of background of un-developed flavors -- some extra flavors that I wouldn't describe as "grassy" or any way I might previously have thought of an under-roasted coffee.

In general the roasts are now much better than the Behmor's, but it's interesting that though I can't tell what the RoR did on the Behmor I can guess pretty well that it never flicked and crashed. I never got this quality. The Behmor required far less vigilance and effort to produce a decent roast, but except sometimes when the main goal was something deep-ish, chocolate, caramel it was hard to get really great roasts with some other characteristics from it. Definitely better to work with the hottop and get those great roasts, even if it's tricky sometimes.

Except for storing the Behmor I'm half tempted to keep it just to do those easy reliable roasts on beans that will primarily give me caramel and chocolate and such and never for beans with brighter or floral or fruity notes. I don't have a great place to keep an extra roaster near the kitchen.


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And by "FC" above I mean First Crack. I have used FC in my roasting notes for so long it's a hard habit to break and write 1C.