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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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#11: Post by another_jim »

Let us know how it does.

This is a terrific looking line of roasters; in essence, they seem to be copies of the Probat L series roasters at a one third of the price. For those who don't know, the Probat L series is the shop roaster most frequently used by specialty coffee roasters world wide. Part of that is bulletproof durability, which may not be shared by these; but a large part is that it is an agile roaster which can do both fast, high air lfow roasts, and slower, low airflow roasts. These roasters (along with the smaller Quest M3) are clearly set up to replicate this ability.
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#12: Post by JmanEspresso »

Might I ask how the Quest M3 goes for?

Congrats on the new roaster, it looks like its going to be a lot of fun to play around with, thats for sure!

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#13: Post by coffee_monkey »

Did you get the propane or the natural gas model?
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#14: Post by Arpi »

JmanEspresso wrote:Might I ask how the Quest M3 goes for?
I paid $1000 (for the Qm3) as follows

$850 for the roaster
$120 for shipping
$30 for money transfer

So far I am very happy with mine :) There were talks of doing a group buy to get a better price but I decided to jump ahead.


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#15: Post by JmanEspresso »

Thank you, I appreciate the info.

chang00 (original poster)

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I finally got the vent installed and propane tank attached. First roast was Paradise Espresso Classico, 300g. The machine was certainly a pleasure to use! There are so many controls that I was unable to keep up. I reached first crack in about 12 minutes and burned the beans a bit, with some tipping and craters, and not enough duration between first and second crack; guess I'll bring these beans to work. :twisted: The cooling tray cooled the beans within three minutes and dumped the beans into a Lock and Lock glass jar easily.

More roasting tomorrow.

By the way, there is another small gas drum roaster, Fuji Royal Coffee Discovery, which roasts about 200g each time:


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Very cool looking machine! I'm excited to hear the results of future roasts.

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chang00 (original poster)

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After stalling the first roast of Yirg Moledina 3993, 300g, I managed to obtain this profile for full city. The vent was open at 3, with heat at 125mmAq, and when first crack started, the vent was open to 4. On the first stalled roast, the vent was wide open to 6, and stalled the roast. I don't know if the Quest M3 is similar, but by opening the vent, the temperature decreased.

Time(min) Temp (C)
0 150
1 103
2 122
3 140
4 153.6
5 163
6 172.5
7 180.1
8 187.5
8:50 192 First Crack starts
9 194
10 194.6
10:30 194.6 First Crack ends
11 195.2
11:30 196
12 198.1
13 199.6

By the way, how do I post Excel graphs?

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#19: Post by another_jim »

Nice profile.

The M3 (and all roasters with this style ventilation) is similar in that more air with the same heat slows the roast down. The articles I read on Probats (and the Mini 500 is a very precise copy) mention that even small changes in the air damper can have a big effect.

I think you need to export any graph to a jpeg file to post it here; at least that's what I do.
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#20: Post by mhoy »

Wow, nice looking roaster. Hmmm....think I should roast some beans tomorrow if the weather is good.

I've not been brave enough to try in our new kitchen, but at least we now have a vented hood.