Mill City 1k/North TJ- 067 Artisan Phidget settings

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Hi I am looking for help with Artisan Settings for my 2016 version North TJ-067 (now Mill city 1k) roaster. I am using a phidget 1048 and so far I installed the drivers from phidget without any further tweaking. I chose Phidget USB 1048 as my machine and device with default settings. The RoR is crazy all over the place and I am new to learning to roast so I am not sure if I am roasting very poorly or the machine settings are way off but I am hoping it is the latter. Trying to adjust for this curve is really hurting my roasting ability. When I first bought this roaster it had an old Win 7 desktop and I was hoping that the computer was off but replaced with a new laptop and even worse. I am charging at 400 on the PID, soaking for a minute, setting my gas to 2.5 kpa making minor adjustments increasing airflow, and decreasing gas at dry end and first crack to finish around 10 min at 421. One thing I checked is that my thermocouple looks like it should be bent into the beans though it is hard to see clearly. I am hoping to give you as much info as I can. Please let me know if there is an optimal way to set up this specific machine.


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Looks like your temperature responded fine until after the turning point so it really doesn't look like it's artisan or phidget.

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I changed smoothing settings and it really helped.


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Well you can smooth the noisy thermocouple but that's not going to fix for the inflections in your bean temperature curve and your ROR. Most people like to roast with no smoothing at all so they actually see the temperature that are occurring. It almost looks like you're BT probe is either intermittently in and out of the beans which changes the ROR basically, or that the gas was fluctuating. Usually even with a wild ROR curve, you can't see the changes on the BT curve eadily. On yours it's pretty evident you can see the inflections in the BT curve and the corresponding ROR changes at the same time. These are not mild changes. Are you sure you didn't mess around with the air and the gas in pretty large changes?

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In addition to changing the curves blending I also adjusted the temperature probe to try and make sure it is in the beans. Maybe curving it into the rotation of the drum will help as it may not have been accurately placed.