Mikafi Electric Roaster

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Now this is a wild design.


If it spins any faster it might take off :mrgreen:

My bet is at least €10k at a minimum, but for a 1kg shop roaster maaaybe it works.

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LMWDP # 272

marcism (original poster)
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The shop owners, meanwhile, can access the Mikafi tech platform by purchasing the equipment outright, or through a subscription model.

The subscription model could include one or more machines, while green coffees can be sourced independently or through Mikafi's network of suppliers. The subscription is expected to include access to the full suite of IoT features and roast profiles, while Mikafi will collect a fee per roast.
Now that is a new one to me. At least there's the choice of ownership here, but still, quite an interesting approach. However we still haven't seen much on the roasting itself.

Source: https://dailycoffeenews.com/2023/11/28/ ... c-roaster/