Looking for Logs with Crash and Flick.

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Hi Roasters,

I have been a home barista for a number of years, and finally got interested in the "upstream" process of roasting - which appears surprisingly complex :) In particular I got interested in trying to analyse the temp/RoR curves, especially around the "crash" and "flick" phenomena to see if there is any way to predict them.

I read that Cropster has such a functionality, but it would be useful to get something similar into open source domain like Artisan.

Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to find any publicly available logs to look at. The ArtisanCoffeeAlliance website that used to host logs is no longer available. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to obtain a sample of logs both with significant crashes/flicks and without, short of buying a roaster and start feverishly roasting for the next few years :)