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I've been enjoying the second roast of the Philippines Batangas Liberica every other morning in my coffee pot. It reminds me of great diner coffee, earthy, leather, and some sweet notes but that illusive coffee flavor that I almost never taste in my coffees.

I pulled a straight shot of espresso on my Cafelat Robot this afternoon, grinding at the highest speed on my Weber Key grinder for increased body. Interesting flavors, fruity and leather, reminds me of some good cigars I've smoked. I was pleasantly surprised. I could have tightened up the grind a bit after increasing the speed because the shot ran a bit fast, but I just compensated with my pull. Next time I will adjust the grind.


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I had my first Liberica in the Barako blend from Len's coffee last year. Never had Philipino coffee before. Evere since I have became a big fan. Got green Liberica from Len's three times now. Also sourced direct from Malaysia and another Philipino roaster in CA. Each batch were different. For my taste buds Len's blend was the best. According to him, it contains high altitude Robusta or microlot Arabica and also excelsa. I got components greens from him but so far can't reproduce the blend.

https://www.lenscoffee-local.com/produc ... nd-excelsa
https://lenscoffee.com/barako-blend-phi ... d-excelsa/

BTW, Len's also introduced me to Vietnamese coffees. I favor earthy, bold, full mouth feel, and chocolaty cup with low acidity in my daily drive like traditional Sumatra. Many of Vietnamese blends I have tried hit the sweet spot, but Barako was better.
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I try to buy this: https://www.silcacoffee.com/portfolio-i ... ne-barako/ whenever I visit the Philippines. It's the best you can find (if lucky) in regular department stores. The bags I picked up a few years ago had this fruity & smoky whiskey thing going. Got some again this summer, as espresso it tastes a bit like Dr. Pepper (in a good way..) but almost cloyingly sweet. Low acidity and bitterness.

I've liked the Excelsa I've had over there too, and they've got Robusta without the burnt rubber/woody flavor - pretty nice.

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Very hard to find a high quality Robusta in the US. I remember reading an article about a roaster in UK that specializes in Robusta, but lost the information. Some of the best blends I have had always contained Robusta. Also had a good luck with Robusta sourced from Len's. Especially enjoyed Dalat Highland Culi Robusta.

The Vietnamese Buon Me Thuot Excelsa I got from Len's while ago was very good as single origin, despite the suggestion to be mainly used as a component for a blend. I roasted light, and it was fruity without sourness. Very unique cup. But this Excelsa has no aroma. So, it is better to be mixed with some Arabica to give olfactory stimulation.
https://lenscoffee.com/vietnamese-buon- ... t-excelsa/
I am a home-roaster, not a home-barista...