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Who is roasting on a Kaldi Wide 300? I have one and just can't seem to dial it in. I've tried both a Gas One GS-3400 (7600 btu) and a Gas One GS-3900 (15000 btu) and just can't seem to get it right. I've tried various charge temps and different profiles but no joy. Could my problem be that I'm only trying to roast 200 grams? I'm about to give up and go back to my Fresh Roast SR540. Any tips would be appreciated. Thank

Capuchin Monk

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15000 btu is way overkill for 300g roaster.

What are the symptoms of your roasts, too dark, too light or something else?

tag1260 (original poster)

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No flavor. I don't think they taste baked as I have used various profiles and roast levels.

Capuchin Monk

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Need more details. What roast level are you taking it to, what kind of beans, temperature, duration, ...etc.