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I have come in possession of an older Diedrich 2.5 roaster that is in dire need of a tune up/restoration. I was hoping to locate a shop or person to bring it back to life. I do not have the confidence in my abilities (or the time) to take on this project by myself. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Congratulations. :mrgreen:

How did you come by it?

If there is no shop nearby you if you tell here more about it, we could generate the list of what needs to be done. Like many folks here, someone near you surely has the shop and skill set to get it up and ship-shape even if they learned those skills in some other venue than coffee.
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suggestion: Taste n Learn: turbo shots, light roast edition.

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Have you reached out to Diedrich? They may be able to service it, to consult with you, or they may have maintenance recommendations.

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