Looking for a background profile to achieve a clear roasting for Arabica seeds like Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

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Hello, guys. I have just finished my small roaster based on a modified popcorn roaster with automatic temperature control via Artisan scope (the fan is manually controlled at the moment), I have made some roasts with small batches of 30g to 40g so far, alas I am not satisfied with the result. On Artisan I made a background profile following my readings on some forums revealing that the profile of a fluidized bed roaster is different from the profile of a drum roaster. So if there is any advice, remarks to make to me to succeed in a background profile to roast Arabica like Ethiopia yirgacheffe for filter (light roasting). Thank you all.


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You got those curves with a modified popcorn popper? Wow. It's results like yours that keep increasing my respect for DIY roasters.

If someone from the Artisan team is reading this, how about enabling longer time windows for smoothing the RoR curves (like, 60sec). A beautifully executed BT curve like this one deserves a less wobbly RoR curve. Furthermore, since Artisan 'knows' the curvature of the heat input, it can therefore know the RoR curvature and fit the data accordingly.

Where is the BT probe? I'm wondering how you get that overshoot/bounce around the 1min mark. Might also be related to all those RoR wobblies later in the roast.

Big-picture, that's a nearly 15min fluid bed roast. I've been running 8-9min roasts and worry about over-roasting/baking. There are some IKAWA Pro roasting profiles (probably just for cupping) less than 5min. Have you tried running shorter?

Naelo (original poster)

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Bonjour Gdm de ne pas pouvoir vous répondre aussitôt et merci pour votre intérêt, pour la sonde elle est suspendue au centre du cylindre popcorn juste au dessus des grains à un 1cm prés, vous avez annoncé quelques notions auxquels je ne peux répondre pour le moment car je suis novice et je suis en cours d'apprentissage (comme le RoR...)
pour le temps de torréfaction mon record jusqu'au maintenant est 10min, pour moi sous la barre de 10min est un défi.
je me demande comment vous réalisez vos torréfactions à la maison ?