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https://drive.google.com/file/d/119Ew4H ... sp=sharing

I vacuum seal individual 18g doses of beans around the time that they hit maximum flavor and body. I then freeze them and simply grab a dose out of the freezer, grind and pour.

I previously had two Acaia Orions for the job of weighing and dispensing the beans, until I saw a this machine which does the job faster than both of the Orions working at the same time.

I bought it for AU$299 and it was shipped for free from within Australia. No manual, no instructions, just a helpful customer support person on Messenger answering questions.

It is amazing. It's as accurate as the Orions (to within 0.3g per dose) and faster than the two Orions working simultaneously and it counts the doses dispensed. It's too big and ugly for a kitchen so it sits in my office/roastery and that's the Orion's advantage; the look elegant.

Thought I'd share a video of it in action in case anyone else has the need to dispense beans into small pouches or bean cellars.
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Link did not work for me ...
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#3: Post by tompoland (original poster) »

Apologies for the original link that did not work, I have reposted the link and it now appears to work.
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#4: Post by ira »

So it weighs in advance dumps it as soon as you ask and starts the next measurement immediately. Clever.


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#5: Post by BruceWayne »

A quick Amazon search leads to multiple variants of this type of machine, and Gain laundry detergent. :?

https://www.amazon.com/s?k=particle+fil ... _sb_noss_1

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#6: Post by tompoland (original poster) »

Yes it is quite clever and yes there are a gazillion variants including maximum weighing size and liquid versus particles. One clever aspect is that the beans sit in the hopper of course but then they slide onto a vibrating platform that keeps vibrating until the scales detect the pre set weight has been reached. It simply stops vibrating at that point.
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How much coffee are you packing that such a machine is necessary?

Can't you just weigh with a $15 dollar digital scale? Unless you're a commercial operation.

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#8: Post by tompoland (original poster) » replying to tennisman03110 »

Simple answer: yes you can and no I won't.

Longer answer: if I'm weighing and packing and vacuum sealing 75 x 18g pouches like I did when the video was shot, then I definitely do not want to use a $15 digital scale. No sir-ee.

But you are right, you don't want this sitting in your kitchen to weight a dose of beans. But remember too that it's not just weighing, it's packing as well. And yes, it's for higher volumes than the typical home coffee consumer.
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#9: Post by boren »

Impressive stuff. Makes me think that I can switch from my auto-weighing Sette to a single-dosing grinder without compromising much on convenience. Thanks for posting!

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#10: Post by TomC »

Several of these were available here in San Francisco very cheap, on auction from the bankruptcy sale of the assets of Sudden Coffee, who used lots of cool tech like this to make specialty instant coffee. I was tempted to buy one actually, but I really don't have space for it.
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