Kuban Roaster gas adjustment mod

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I've recently purchased a Kuban Base 1.5 semi automated gas roaster, a nice step up from my Hottop 2K+ in terms of roasting capacity!

My main issue with the roaster is the gas control is on the back of the drum, not near the touch screen controller or in an accessible place. It also doesn't really give you any precise control or feedback, control I'm used to having via the Hottop and imagine I need in order to get any consistancy.

I'd like to add in my own needle valve, flow meter and possibly a pressure sensor to feed artisan via a phidget, but am not 100% sure on how to do this/what parts are best used and wondered if anyone had any recommendations. My inital thoughts are to disconnect the yellow tube from the Gas control output, use some pipe to extend the output roughly inline with the side of the roaster, add a needle valve and meter/flow meter above that and then add a bit more tube to reconnect to the yellow pipe to burners. Gas roasting/gas appliances are completely new to me so please let me know if this is a bad idea. I'm pretty practical/technical and aside from the knowledge of what parts to use and in what order I feel this should be reasonably achievable with my skillset.

Gas Controller position

Side View

The gas controller is a 820 Nova https://www.sitgroup.it/wp-content/uplo ... ova-GB.pdf

Any thoughts would be extremely welcome!