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BoulderMike wrote:Again, I appreciate the help.
So, let me see if I am understanding correctly:

"Warm up the machine at 10 mBar. Mine will get to well over 400 bt with the burner at 10 and air at 7."
Yes, what you were calling "drop" is actually called "charge"
Meaning before I add the beans to the roaster/drum? I called this drop but what I mean is when I open the chute on the roaster and "drop" the unroasted beans into the drum. Is warm up as you refer to it referring to the time between turning on the gas and getting to the charge temp where you would then open the chute and let the beans into the drum? Yes, but I warm it up to 30 degrees over my charge temp then turn off the gas and let the BT fall to 30 degrees below and then turn the gas back on to 10 and wait until it reaches my intended charge temp before "charge" ie. putting the beans in the roaster.If so, next time I will try warming up at 10 mBar rather than the 25 mBar that Johan suggests.I am not saying 10 is better than 25. I just think it will be easier to repeat but most important is to do the same thing so feel free to stick with 25 if you want.

"Charge at target bt and wait until 1 minute mark"
Is this then what you referr to as soak? YesMeaning after beans are added to drum up until the 1 minute mark, or do you mean that once you hit the target bt you wait a minute until putting the beans into the drum?No

"At 1 minute I hit the gas and move air to 8."
Assuming that the "charge at target bt and wait until 1 minute mark" refers to after beans are in drum, which I guess is what you meant, at the one minute mark after putting beans in drum you up the gas to something like 25 to 40 depending on the roaster and the beansYes and it's 37 for me, then it seems the primary changes I would try next time are: (1) use a lower burner temp to get to the charge temp where I put the beans into the drum, (2) don't raise the burner temp until 1 minute after the beans are in the drum, and (3) increase my airlow a bit from what I have been doing which is mainly leaving at at 6 to 7 from before beans are in drum until drop at the end of the roast.Sounds good to me!

"At bt of 310 I start to lower gas a little bit at a time to try to get that declining ror."
This makes sense. I think you are saying rather than waiting until FC to lower the burner, you start doing this at 310.Yes

Thanks again and sorry for the long post here.
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