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For what it is worth, the coupon still works at check out. I ordered 20# of beans with it today.


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Their Ethiopia Worka Gr1 Anaerobic Natural is very tasty. I took it to a medium light (roastvision 20.). It had a very light first crack. Could easily miss it on the roast I did. The bean size is very small so it roasts quickly.


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Tasted the Guatemala roasted to a medium of 15-16 on Roastvision. Pure, thick chocolate. Lots of body with sweetness. No bitterness to be found. I could chug this.

I can see why Klatch greens are well regarded and why the coupons are coveted.


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Post Mortem for the "vacuum" bags Klatch uses:

TLDR: If you already knew the valves built into coffee bags (roasted and/or greens) were just pressure-relief, and not 1-way valves, you can skip what follows.

Got five bags of greens, a mix of 1Lb and 2Lb bags. All the bags were 'squishy', with various amounts of excess air in the sealed bags. I was hoping I could store and freeze the greens in the bags they came in but would rather there not be any excess air in the bags.

First, I tried using my FoodSaver to pull air out through the vent already integrated into the bag. That worked great for one of the five bags, turning it into a solid brick of greens and holding that vacuum for two weeks and counting. Yay!

Pulling air out through the integrated valve didn't work for the other 4 of 5 bags, with some of the valves appearing to be about as effective as simple hole punched in the bag. So, I sealed over the factory valves and created a new valve with clear packing tape. The photo below shows the tape tacked down and folded back, with a tiny hole punched in the bag. Then I gently laid the tape flat and covered with the vacuum attachment. The tape will automagically seal when the vacuum wand is removed, and I quickly followed up by smoothing the tape flat to secure the seal.

Of the remaining four bags, only two held a vacuum for about an hour, and the other two acted like there was a significant air path somewhere else on the bag. I tried sealing the pull-tab at the top of the bag, but it still had a slow leak.

*Sigh*... so much for snazzy, foil-lined, high-tech-looking 'vacuum' bags. Of course, your mileage may vary, and it may be batch related from their supplier, but at least now I have one less assumption about coffee bags.


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One of the bags I got was puffy while one was tight. Weirdly inconsistent it seems.