Klarstein VitAir Turbo System Build Questions

Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.

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I have decided to roast my own beans rather than continue purchasing beans from roasters. My wife and I are avid dark roast coffee drinkers and prefer French and Italian roast beans. This tutorial posted here:

Complete Tutorial - Modification of a Drum Air Fryer into an Artisan-controlled Coffee Roaster

appears to be an excellent option but I only find the VitAir with the controls in the body of the air fryer available on websites from European online retailers. Can anyone refer me to a business where I can purchase the correct VitAir in North America or the US?

Edit - I should have stated my desire is to build or enhance a commercial roaster that is capable to making quality dark roasts. The Artisan softwre looks excellent!