Kenya Nyeri Gatugi AA...wet cardboard

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Hi All,

Very novice roaster here. I am roasting this coffee: ... -7330.html

Artisan file attached. I'm using a flour sifter roaster over a propane burner.

I'm 9 days post roast and getting lots of wet cardboard when pulling as espresso. Would love some feedback on roast profile.


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Nyeris often work better roasted a little longer, so they develop a spice cookie roast flavor. Also, the ET was lowish; SL28s mostly do better in a hotter roast environment. Finally, the roast seems to have flattened out ahead of the first crack, at 360F or so, a minute less there, and a minute more during the first crack (i.e. more of a fast start, slow finsih curve) may have helped.
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Your roast stall a bit after FC (assuming it is marked correctly).
ET dropped slightly, BT reflects that too.

Try to develop a bit longer and dont reduce too early.

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Usually my roasts are more linear than this one (i.e. without those stalls), with a fairly consistent declining ROR.

I was hoping for more zippy acidity, it does taste flat in addition to the cardboard.