Kenya Embu Gakui Peaberry is back

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#1: Post by EvanOz85 »

Sweet Maria's has just got the legendary Kenya Embu Gakui Peaberry back in stock for the first time since 2014. One of the most impressive Kenyans I've ever tasted, it was the topic of some discussion back then.

Previous discussion on this bean:
Kenya Gakui Peaberry

I just ordered 10lbs and I'm hoping it is as incredible as it was 7 years ago. ... -6881.html

Feel free to merge this into the Greens Alert, but I felt it deserved it's own thread like it had in 2014.


#2: Post by Rickpatbrown »

SM's description is pretty tame on this one. Maybe they're trying to keep it in the DL, lol.

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#3: Post by TomC »

I picked it up as well as the Gatugi that reads nice too. I still remember the aroma of that Gakui roasting for the first time.

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EvanOz85 (original poster)

#4: Post by EvanOz85 (original poster) » replying to TomC »

Your description of toasted marshmallow aroma during roasting is what got me to buy this one in 2014. This bean was so incredible that I kept inviting people over to sample it. Everyone I brewed this for was absolutely floored. I truly hope this new crop stacks up...but ya never know.

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#5: Post by bicktrav »

I didn't experience this one back in the day, but excited to hear feedback. Please post your impressions after you roast!


#6: Post by TigerStripes »

How does this year stack up against the previous year?


#7: Post by lsegeorge »

Looking forward to receiving mine
Many thanks for the heads up.
Some excellent Kenyas this time by SM. Below what I included in my order !

Kenya Muranga Riakiberu AA
Guatemala Acatenango Gesha
Kenya Embu Gakui Peaberry
Kenya Muranga Kangunu Peaberry
Kenya Nyeri Gatugi AA

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EvanOz85 (original poster)

#8: Post by EvanOz85 (original poster) »

TigerStripes wrote:How does this year stack up against the previous year?
Still waiting on shipment. Should be in by 9/21.

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#9: Post by TomC »

Cup wise, I won't know until late tonight/mid-morning Monday when I brew it at work. I Just finished roasting a 500g batch on my 500g Santooker (Taiwanese) roaster. I absolutely love the 1 pound gas roaster and still tweak and modify it, but I miss my Quest M3 for being able to assess roast process aromatics during the roast. I literally cannot tell unique landmarks as easily with a traditional gas drum roaster.

Anyway, and take it for nothing more than a grain of salt, I don't smell anything wonderful or exciting with this roast like I did 7 years ago. Doesn't mean anything at all though. It might be the 2014 equivalent or even its superior, but that will not be known until it's rested and brewed.

I'll prematurely brew a small batch on my MochaMaster at work tonight (graveyard shifts) and report back. But I truly think the fair evaluation of a coffee like this won't happen until several days post roast.

I'm still expecting this coffee to be exceptional, higher than 89 points. Whatever scoring attributes I ascribe to this current batch shouldn't be applied to the previous highly rated 2014 crop, since memory is a poor marker for comparison. Especially sensory comments.

FWIW this was a fast roast (relatively and in line with what I want for a dense high altitude peaberry). Charged high, yellow at 5-ish minutes, left on highest temp/air-flow until right before 1C, with about 1 minute, 15 seconds post 1C development after onset of 1C. Total weight loss was 14.0%. I was aiming for between 13.0% and 14 .0% so I'm satisfied with this roast profile. I guess that it could be completed at a 13.0% weight loss in a roaster that is less conductive than mine and still be exceptional.

Excited to share impressions in the cup soon. I absolutely adore Kenyan coffee. Probably my favorite coffee origin!


#10: Post by Legend_217 »

I just finished roasting 150g in 9 minutes on my hottop. Is it only me that 1C is very subtle and only last about 30 seconds or less ?