Kenya Coffee ... any recommendations?

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I'm itching to pull the trigger on some good Kenya coffee. Probably my favorite washed origin. Sweet Maria has the 15% off thing going, but looks like I waited to long on the Nyeri "92.6 point" coffee.

Anybody come across some stellar Kenya?

The hard thing is that I only need 10 lbs of maybe 2 beans. We drink about 50lbs per year, and I'm trying to buy 5-10lbs bags of the coffee we love and not dozens of 1lb samples.


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Edit - n/m, on my phone and just saw you posted this to roasting sub. Maybe see if you can track the greens from this lot?

Just found our about this roaster and ordered few things. On the Kenyan right now and really like it, surprisingly I have it dialed punching nicely in 4oz of milk, with ice rock in this FL heat lol. But straight the tasting notes are accurate, typical nice fruit hits but there's a rich chocolate note that comes through, fairly mellow ok acidity. I ordered their Caravela as really enjoyed that as well. Looking forward to trying other stuff of theirs. ... cst=custom

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Check out the inbounds from Kenya. ... fee-shrub/ Maybe something to watch for. HTH, -LN

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No darn lie, littlenut, sweet Maria's is expecting a dozen or more for July.

I have Kenya nyeri gatugi from my vac stash roasting this month. Last year's was good; I see it's coming back.
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littlenut wrote:Check out the inbounds from Kenya. ... fee-shrub/ Maybe something to watch for. HTH, -LN
Yeah ... this is what kept me from buying some of the Nyeri. Last year, I filled my coffers before the full wave of Kenyas hit.

Unfortunately, these names dont mean much to me. I recognize Nyeria, Kirinyaga and others, but I've had great coffee and less great coffee from each place. I realie tremendously on Tom's descriptions. While they border in poetic indulgence, you can tell when he REALLY liked one.

On top of that, the coffee changes from year to year.

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In my experience, any 90+ point washed Kenyan from sweet Maria's is something special and worth buying a few lbs of. They go fast though.
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Check out They got some sweet coffees, just tried them, and they also share roast profiles to roast their coffee with certain machines.


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$15+ per pound, even for random blends intended to be dark roasted? Sweetmaria's ain't cheap but this place appears to be twice as expensive, with a lot less information on sourcing.


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Yeah those prices seem wack for greens