Kaleido Sniper M10 PRO Artisan Settings file.

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I have rebranded M10. I live in Indonesia and ordered the M10 from a local distributor branded under "Tan & Black" under the model TBR-1200. I think it was rebranded because the name suggests firearms which would be quickly flagged here but it's the same unit and comes with a Kaleido warranty card. From what I understand there is an Artisan setting file that adds buttons in artisan for quick changes. For example in this video on youtube @ 33:55 the video makes reference to this file shown as "20201204_artisan-settings_For_Sniper" as an "Artisan Settings" file type. I actually have the roaster working through BT on Artisan and I can control it but would like this settings file still. I had some initial help with support just asking for information of what model I had but then stopped replying to me so they haven't been much help. I'm really just looking for information on how to get this file as it didn't come with my unit. Does anyone have an M10 and can share with me how to get this file?