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The M10 is about $800'ish more expensive than the M2. There were some discounts running for the dual system (its on their website) and you get a free extra tablet which I said I didn't need.

All in all it's not a cheap machine and I might have indulged myself a little bit, but compared to the Bullet R1 and Hottop 2K+ (which are also very expensive nowadays) it seems fairly priced. It kind of sits in the middle where the Bullit has a bit of a following/hype around it and the Hottop 2K+ is kinda small capacity for the amount you pay, at least in the EU.

If the Kaleido delivers what they say; a durable home oriented machine that can be controlled with both Artisan and the Kaleido controls, then I guess it's a very good system for the price. That I can only tell after using it for a couple of months.
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How long is it expected to arrive? Looking forward to your updates on the roasting experience. :lol:


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It arrived a week ago. Did around 8-9 test runs now, so got a basic understanding of how everything is setup and works. I'll be busy next week, but already have 30 kg of green beans laying around that I plan on roasting in the next 3-4 months.

First note that my expectations were pretty high to begin with. The machine was not cheap, but initial impressions meet those expectations easily. It's built like a tank and especially the Artisan and Kaleido controller have surprised me so far. Both work well and intuitive, with a small sidenote that my whole background is in IT. It is not Apple-like experience, but not beta-testing either. A few things like loading a config file and finding the COM-port of your BT device are to be expected. The manual is not as polished, but everything's in there in reasonable fashion. Equipment-wise I feel the M10 can give the Bullet R1 a solid run for its money, likely even outperform it in some areas like easier access for cleaning. The heating system is also very capable.

Software-wise it's a matter of preference I think. I'd likely prefer Artisan over the Aillio ecosystem. The Kaleido controller also works surprisingly well, so in case you don't want to connect a laptop or only do a quick auto-roast, I'd be inclined to just use that. If I had to pick one I'd go with Artisan because you can program some stuff into it making it more customizable and futureproof. For simple and effective, but with all the necessary adjustment features, the Kaleido controller is a solid option. I'll be using both in parallel for the foreseeable future.

Two minor niggles so far; one of the feet that was screwed to the box was slightly bent. Did my best to bend it back. Also the funnel does not align exactly to where the beans enter the machine. These were clearly produced separately. In hindsight most videos/photo's I've seen don't use this and I likely won't either. Both can be fixed and are nitpicking a bit.

I'll elaborate when I have some more time and a few roasts under my belt. Learning to roast is still quite intimidating, but Artisan helps and the machine seems to make it easy/controllable. I feel pretty confident of being able to roast some drinkable coffees soon. Roastprofiles of test batches #6, 7 and 8 are below and already give good indications on what to improve next (batch size 500g > 700g for a less variable ROR, note the ET on the first batch of a day vs. second).

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Very cool. Looking forward to your updates. :D


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I am just wondering if one can do a fully PID controlled roast with Kaleido M10? Can I come up with a curve in Artisan Designer, and then have Artisan to do a fully automatic unattended roast?

Thank you.


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You can see that in action here:
Didn't work well though. You still have to be there to drop the beans.


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The RoR curve does not look impressive... There are videos on PID roasting with Artisan 3-e, the RoR curve there is decreasing quite well.


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It should be easier for a PID to control an air roaster like that. But even those seem to struggle a bit (Ikawa, Kaffelogic). I believe Scott Rao posted on Instagram not so long ago about how he'd never seen an automated roast work well. But hey, if it's close enough I'm all for it.


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I have been using M10 for two weeks or so, it is very capable and you can roast down to 200g without problem as much as 1000g. Connection with Artisan TC4 via Bluetooth is stable. I roast mostly for filter light to medium for home use. When I gain more experience will share profiles and observations.
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Hey Victor,

Great to see you received yours as well and are on your way. Did you order your beans from The Netherlands? I recognize the label and ordered from the same store. Similar to you the machine appears to produce some reasonable results even when being a novice. Artisan via BT works good once setup and makes life a lot easier.

I've roasted about 10kg now, most of which test batches with cheap beans, but those already provided some decent looking results (not all, but like 8 out of 10). Also played a bit with batch sizes ranging from 500-800g which it all seems to handle fine. The machine has no lack of power, so controlling the RoR with a smaller batch is something to learn. My latest batch didn't look as good as yours yet, but I'm getting there.

Looking forward to seeing some of your roast profiles, especially if you buy from the same bean supplier (I got some Brazilian Sorocobana, Guatamalan Huehuetenango and Colombian Supremo from them).
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