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Hi all, is there a longer experience with M2?
I think I might get a little lump sum of money within the near future that I can spend on something fun. I am considering getting a Kaleido M2 roaster since it would be fun to experiment with a "perfect" espresso blend. I have no prior roasting experience but have bought a couple of books and watched a lot of youtube videos.
Besides, it seems that someone selling this product on Amazon. Has anyone purchased it on Amazon? I would probably be more concerned about logistics and service.


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Anyone here?

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There have been a few more videos popped up online since the first post of this thread. M2 seems like a handy roaster but the price is high for electric roaster of its capacity (Aillio Bullet costs more but has 1000g capacity). Maybe that's why people are hesitant to buy it. :?:


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The machine looks great! How are you guys liking it so far after being a year on the market or so?

I guess current owners had to make the same choice to pick this over a Hottop 2K+ and Bullet R1. The M2's capacity sits perfectly in between (the Hottop effectively being 200-225g and the Bullet 500-800g). I kind of like the Bullet the most, but it's aimed at their own software and after the recent price hike nearly double the price of the Hottop or M2 Pro.

And OP, why you decide against the Pro version? Isn't Artisan controlled roasting one of the primary selling points of these roasters?

Update: I've gather some more info from May at Keleido. She quoted me the following prices:
1) M2 Intelligent - $1.799
A computer controlled version of the M2 with Kaleido's own playback capable software and 7" touchscreen.
2) M2 Pro - $1.799
The Artisan controlled version of the M2
3) M2 All Purpose - $1.999
A combination of both systems.
Shipping + prepaid duty add another $225 for the EU. That likely means no VAT is added which makes it an interesting deal.

I'm tempted to give this a go, but am still torn with the more reputable Hottop (which I find slightly less attractive looking) or just ignore my rationale and go with the Bullet that for sure will satisfy all my needs.
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Do you mean that you have to pay another 25% VAT on top of the $1799 for the machine, shipping and prepaid duty of $225? That sounds troublesome.


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Prepaid means that the duty is already paid. Many companies offer this as a service with their transporter nowadays.

It's still relatively expensive, but feature wise better than direct competitors such as the Hottop 2K+ and at a slightly lower cost. My brains says that because it's directly from China it should be (much) cheaper to offset the risk, but not sure if that's fair.
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I think my concern would be long term support. I've seen several Chinese coffee roasters come and then disappear. Quality seems to be there from what other owners have noted but going with a brand that will likely be here in 5-10 years is something that is important to many. Resell value is big too. An Aillio Bullet is worth just a few hundred bucks less used than it is new. In fact some people that bought one a year or so ago before the price hike can enjoy the unit being worth more than they paid on the used market. I'm not so sure the M2 will get that kind of return, but who knows? Maybe it turns into a big deal and the price goes up. Hard to know these days honestly.

This hobby is rife with upgrade itch, so thinking about the resell value may be of value.

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If the noise level matters, M2 is somewhat loud when bean cooling fans are on.


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Read and watched pretty much anything I could find on Kaleido (which is not a lot). Usually I'm a bit hesitant towards Chinese products and manufacturers but what I could find was very positive. Their customer support (May) also has been very responsive to my questions and requests so decided to take the gamble. I went with the larger M10 All-in-one and expecting delivery in a week or 2.

It will be my first coffee roaster and plan to do 2-3 batches of 500g each week (maybe a couple more if I can persuade a few friends and family members). Hardware-wise I'm decently comfortable that it can hold up. Software-wise I have a few minor doubts. Kaleido offers 2 systems (their own Kaleido control and Artisan) which both seem to work 'OK' and offer a few options for the future. Kaleido is not as refined as the Bullet R1, but I kinda enjoy that challenge and there is a cost-benefit.

Here are a few photos Kaleido shared pre-delivery. It practically the same unit as the M2, only twice the size:

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So how much did you increase your budget to buy M10 All-in-one this time?