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Customer's service say that this is the transportational reason, and in roasting process drum is rubbs against the heating element, after it crushes.

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Oh wow, yeah, that's broken.

Seems like an 'easy fix' though. Indeed something must've gotten bend or stuck, but you should be able to tell what went wrong just by visual inspection.

Would you care to make some photo's of the inside when re-installing the unit and share them here? I wonder how this could happen and if it might be due to the newer design of the M10, or just a transport issue. I believe in my unit there's at least 2-3cm between the drum and heating element (never checked really).
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Tomorrow I'll check the front side and make a few photos, for real it looks like drum hits the h.e.
New model have black shields under the "wings"and they block the view on h. e. Under that shields heat-resistant material is installed, it seems that this was not the case in previous models.
And nevermind this situation I can say that I really wondered of this machine, as you say - 800g batch is a perfect batch. It smokes not too much, but working at home is not for everyone. Now I want to find solution of this case. Otherwise I'm very pleased Kaleido :)