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fransg wrote:Checked with Marko and indeed the Sniper people are not at all supporting Artisan.

I conclude the Sniper <-> Artisan connection is not supported
I was talking with May from Kaleido and she said they are just getting into talks now with Artisan about supporting and becoming officially supported themselves.

Of course only time will tell.

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The 'getting into talks' has so far not resulted in them actually saying anything to Marko ;-)

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I'm hoping me bringing it up changes something but one can only hope. I feel like it could definitely help them become a more popular option in the future.

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I guess Kaleido's just discovering the western markets now (in part due to the success of the Bullet R1). Compared to when I bought my machine a year ago, they already improved their online presence and marketing in English a lot. Less spelling mistakes, less bells and whistles in their promotion etc.

Aillio can be seen as the near opposite. Same as brands such as Weber Workshop, Option-O, Decent, they understand the western market a whole lot better. The hardware needs to be there to back it up, but there's no denying they also know how to generate hype, build a community and sell an experience.

Getting onboard with Artisan can be a good first step. They're pushing mainly their own Kaleido controller which wasn't bad (what I expected) but they could just join the Artisan community instead of trying to replicate Aillio which likely won't work because they lose their 20-30% cost advantage.
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Just wanted to report in and say I got my M10! Obviously I am extremely new to roasting but I love it so far. I had it up and roasting within an hour. I got 20lbs of seasoning beans from Theta Ridge so I could experiment without guilt but honestly I think all 4 of my roasts so far would have been drinkable, albeit far from greatness. I have done a manual and an auto with both Kaleido software and Artisan. I think I prefer Artisan because I like my laptop but honestly the Kaleido software is shockingly polished and usable. It's not perfect but it's better than I expected really.

Here is my first real manual roast of sitting down and trying to get a somewhat nice looking ror:

Also as for official Artisan, I have hopeful it's actually happening! I noticed Marko joined the official Kaleido facebook group and answered a question related to Artisan on these so I have my hopes up for the next Artisan version.

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A video review by Kyle Rowsell. I'm pretty confident it's positive. Last weekend I roasted about 7kg in 2.5h for friends and family. The machine holds up perfectly and doesn't care if you put in 400 grams or multiple batches of 1kg.
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What kind of ventilation does it require?
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The early part of the video posted on page 7 of this thread shows a simple method, Kaleido Sniper Coffee Roaster
Also, more permanent method shown here -> Kaleido Sniper Coffee Roaster

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I've just started a thread showing the company's video of the Kaleido Sniper M1 roaster. Its batch size is reported as 50-200g. It appears to integrate with Artisan, but I haven't found anyone who has used it.

Kaleido Sniper M1 sample roaster video

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!


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I installed it and
Bingo! You have to change the port baud rate to 9600.
For some reason I could not get the edition
running (I have Windows 11, by the way). But the legacy edition works just fine. And the buttons configuration is better.
Legacy connects to my M10 with no problems. Also, it now works with Fahrenheits as well.
Important: go to
and uncheck the "Playback events".
Otherwise, Artisan will follow the events from the background profile.
You may also wish to go to
and check the Auto Charge at the bottom left corner.
If you want to add LCD's for the burner, air and SV to the right panel, go to
Config>Devices>Extra Devices
and check the LCD's.
Finally, click on control and for the SV choose "manual".
Looking forward to testing it and actually roasting tonight.
If you wish to give it a try as well, download it from here:
https://github.com/artisan-roaster-scop ... boCVLl9qh4