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Capuchin Monk

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Congrats on your purchase.
LR3 wrote:What is the preferred burner? BBQ guys quit selling the Cajun Classic than many preferred and purchased.
There are many other burners on the market. Just do a product search on the gas burner with similar BTU number as Cajun Classic.


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Hi Lance,

OPINIONS ARE LIKE BUTTHOLES - Everyone has one and they all smell a little......INCOMING OPINIONS

If I was talking with a friend that wanted to start roasting, I would say spend 6+ K$ for the roaster and set-up an indoor location for roasting. IF NOT start with a setup that is lower priced, but will take a few mods to get it where you can learn about roasting with a likely replacement/upgrade in a few years if you're still interested in roasting.

I would suggest looking into a fresh roast SR800, capacity mods(tube extension and chaff collector mods), Monitoring mods (temperature measurements). You'll need to roast outside or have a kitchen exhaust to the atmosphere.

If the Fresh Roast is a no go then you're into Huky, Kaldi, Ikawa, several others I know little to nothing about. Searching this forum will provide alotta info, but not in one or two threads.

Pick up a book or two on roasting coffee to help you along on the journey and follow along on this forum or anywhere roasting discussions occur.

After a year or two you'll know what you want, why you want it, and after the purchase, regrets will be minimal IMVHO.

As for the burner question here is a link from a prior post. I do not know if it is still valid. http://www.bbqgrillshops.com/proddetail ... 1#features