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So in my case, the chaff collector basically pulls 99% of all chaff into the collector, while the bottom drawer really doesn't collect anything much at all. For the fan speeds of these roasts I was basically only ever at 0 or 1.5/1.75, and I think it much better to leave them as-is (eg: 1.5) and play with the gas/heat settings as a way to affect RoR. I did in fact do as you were suggesting in terms of lowering the heat settings for the other two roasts in this session. I also drop at around 22% development time, but am so busy I let Artisan auto identify the drop time which is actually a bit off from reality.

I am still very new to Artisan, and haven't figured out how to get it setup how i want in terms of identifying specific roast details like amount, but for all of my roasts right now, I am working with 300gr of Costa Rican Washed, so very hard little beans.

I am so much happier with how these roasts came out, and I will cup them shortly, but am sure they will be sufficient, but probably not great. I appreciate you providing insight and feedback, so it has really helped me learn.