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hi all, i'm thinking about upgrading from my motorized stovepop to a Kaldi mini. we usually roast 150-200g, so this Kaldi would work. on my stovepop, i'm running a 60rpm low torque motor. so i'm wondering what's the rpm on the motor used for Kaldi.

i found a replacement motor on amazon, but it shows 2950rpm. i would think at this speed the bean will just shoot right out.
https://www.amazon.com/KALDI-Replacemen ... 167&sr=1-3

anyone know what would be the rpm and the best batch amount to roast using the kaldi mini? thanks~
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it apparently comes with a motor, so I'm puzzled why you'd want to buy a motor?
Anyhow, almost 300o rpm is way too fast unless the Kaldi wide has a reduction box allowing faster motors.

https://www.amazon.com/KALDI-200-250g-I ... B01MZYZT5B

Batch size appears to be 200-250g, which seems reasonable for the drum volume from the look of it.
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Hey Rui, I'm assuming this is the one you are talking about. https://eng.homecaffe.net/product/kaldi ... display/1/

I have ZERO experience w/ this model. If you are buying new, I would just order it with the motor. I would probably opt for the hopper and sampler too. The above linked website is a good place to direct questions about Kaldi's.


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yup that's one. yea i'll got with the motorized one for easy. i'm just thinking ahead if later one can vary the motor speed, hence was asking what RPM it was.
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silkypull wrote: <SNIP>

hence was asking what RPM it was.
Scroll down to the bottom of the photo part..."4 SPECIFICATION" there are details of the motor. It indicates 55 rpm but my gut tells me that is likely at max referenced voltage. UP FRONT : electrical is a big weak spot for me. HTH, -LN

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i had a nesco before that really worked well until the recall. :lol:
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