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Hi Mary,

Yup, thanks. Unfortunately, I haven't exclusively stuck with one coffee either and, like you, was a bit excited to try coffees from all different locations. Lately, however, I've given that a break and have been sticking with primarily two Nicaraguan beans - the Caturra and the Parainema varietals. Yup, it's interesting how each of our tastes & palates change over time and what coffee types we enjoyed years ago may not be at the top of our current fav list.

I'm pleased to report I just ground and brewed the first batch of 'delayed 1C' beans (heeding your advice) and I must admit I'm enjoying them - they have a smoother/softer taste which is certainly welcoming in the morning. Thank you!

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Hi Chert,

Congrats on your new toy! That's the one I have although I think my switch is slightly different (not the 'rocker' style). Does it say 1400w on the base? One thing I've noticed is the roast chamber isn't nearly as deep as it is on the Poppery 1. Nonetheless, the unit seems well built/heavy, similar to the P1, and unlike my lightweight P2. I'm looking forward to roasting beans in it soon (so far I've only used it once to pop corn, and the body integrated metal butter tray is more effective than the P1/P2's top integrated plastic arrangement).

Like Mary, I'm jealous of the price you paid for it! ;-) Keep us posted on how it works out for you.


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I haven't made much progress. I have a broken Behmor given me by a friend and I am trying to use a fan (there are 4 to choose from) from the Behmor to have controlled airflow through the popper. My control box was already to go for DC fan control but the wee DC fans, even combined together cannot agitate the green coffee in the chamber. I 'm pretty sure the coffee scorches if it doesn't dance in the convection heat. To use the stronger 120V AC impeller fan (next test) I will have to modify the control unit for AC fan control. Even if I never succeed in roasting coffee with this, I may find a better way to automate chaff removal with it than I have found using my Huky and homemade cooling tray.
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