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mathof wrote:I'm a little confused by your vocabulary. You indicate that the development stage of your profiles is 3 minutes, but in the graphs First Crack to drop ranges from 1:10 to 2:00. The development stage conventionally seems to be regarded as the time from FC to drop, although of course the beans are actually developing through most of the roast. What is your definition of the third stage?

Thanks for pointing that out - I should change the language I'm using. I've been roughly defining 'drying' as 100C-150C, 'browning' as 150c-200C, and 'development' as 200C and up. I was having a hard time correlating audible cracks to 2-3 day post-roast visual cues, like color and oiliness - this was especially the case for gradual transitions into the >200C zone. I've observed exothermic bumps in the bean-mass temperature without ever hearing a single audible crack.

For a while, I was gaming the roast profile to deliberately trigger a first crack cacophony at a specific time, but then it occurred to me that I've never seen anyone's tasting notes reference how noisy the crack was...

So, I've been marking the range above 200C as accelerating a different set of chemical reactions than 150c-200C. I've also been developing a sense of about a 5C uncertainty in both the accuracy of the temperature measurement and the temperature at which a specific species of greens will crack, so I find myself still listening for at least one or two cracks for confirmation that I'm in the first-crack zone, but I presume the relevant chemical reactions had started well before the audible sounds. For example, the RoR Medium profile shows an exothermic bump starting shortly after crossing 200C and nearly a minute before any audible cracks.

I still very much a newbie to the level of expertise displayed on this forum. I imagine the Artisan community has addressed my aforementioned concerns long ago - how do they describe it?

p.s. In my original text, I spelled newbie differently: "n o o b", without the spaces. But HB's text processing algorithms automagically corrected my mistake (slur?) with nary a hint that it was going to rewrite my language - that's uber-cool...


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sambuist wrote:What surprised me was that I actually enjoyed the non-RoR profiles more and that native profiles from the IKAWA tastes similar (maybe better? :wink: ) than that of the bullet . Them are fighting words I know!!
*Whew*, and yay! That was the result I was hoping for. Thank you for performing this test!

Those RoR profiles were a pain to tune, and would have been a continuing pain to adjust for different greens and flavor profiles. I respect but don't envy what drum roasters have to contend with.

The other question I've pondered:
Can the Ikawa duplicate the flavor profile from a drum roaster by copying the thermal profile - have you compared Roast 1 to its analog from the Bullet?


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I did, but they were slightly different roast levels so maybe not a fair comparison. Anyway , I like the RoR profile from the bullet better.