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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.

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Semantics aside, it's part of the answer to Gary's question. The temperature in an Ikawa is hot enough to be problematic for components but the heating element is simultaneously too cold for incineration. Obviously there's also some mixing in Loring's design to replace the final exhaust.


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Jake_G wrote:Not sure how many of you are roasting on the lighter side, but this profile has been working exceptionally well for me, who has never roasted before...

Here's a link to the profile:
Stretched Filter Light +

This is a modified version of the Buie Bora Filter Light + profile from the "Around the World Starter Pack" that comes with the Ikawa Home Roaster System.


- Jake
Thanks for sharing, Jake. I just ran this on my pro100 with Aida Batlle Burundi process. 100g dose, 45 sec of post FC development. I will try it with the Luis Guzman Caturra greens I got from Produgal, as well. I've been using a profile Milligan shared awhile back that it has worked really nicely with as a very light roast, so will make for a good comparison.

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Happy to share!

I should note that I did all of my roasts between 65 and 75g as I noticed that above 75g and the central beans just sort of sit on the dome at the bottom of the roasting chamber.

That said, please let me know your thoughts!
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Hello all. Long time lurker. I pulled the trigger on an Ikawa Pro 100 in July, when they were running their HB discount. Read through this thread a couple of times waiting for delivery I've had some awesome results with https://thecaptainscoffee.com/collectio ... 8491683929 and https://www.sweetmarias.com/kenya-nyeri ... -7330.html. I've used profiles from the Ikawa library from similar locations and elevations. I made the mistake of giving some to my neighbor, now he wants some everytime I roast.
However, I haven't had the same success with several different Yergacheffe beans, also from Sweet Marias and Captains coffee. I've tried using the same technique of using profiles from the library, and tried Jake's Stretched profile, with no luck. Even after 3 weeks, coffee is grassy, sour, bad tasting. I've been consistently in the 14% loss after roasting zone, which kills with the Colombian and Kenyan, but stinks with the Ethiopians. Any hints or profiles I should be trying?

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Is it washed, natural, or experimental process?
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Presuming there's evidence the Yergacheffe can taste good (not sure that's a given with every green out there), you could try going longer and hotter.

I too don't appreciate sour/grassy notes (hate, actually), so I lean towards longer roast times to a City+ level. I've tried to kinda/sorta emulate the last eight-ish minutes of a drum roast profile, starting from their turning point. it appears to me that many IKAWA profiles tend to be shorter, which seems fine for cupping, but also expose all the flaws in my espresso technique.

For example, I use this inlet profile as the starting point for any new greens I get.

0:30 / 170C
2:00 / 198C
3:30 / 222C
5:00 / 242C
6:30 / 258C
8:00 / 270C

Again, this is an inlet profile. I then use a profile calculator (described elsewhere) to experiment with lighter/darker/longer/shorter linear RoR profiles. Just me, but I've had very hit/miss results with shorter (sub-7 minute) profiles. It can be legitimately argued that I'm baking out the origin characteristics, but I'd rather start from there and gradually introduce whatever else it has to offer, later.


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Both naturals


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@GDM528 maybe you're right, I am assuming there are good Yergacheffe. Its been years since I've had a good one, maybe its time to move on.

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With naturals, I would be inclined to drop the peak temperature at the beginning and stretch the whole thing out further.

Gary's suggested inlet profile is a good one, with FC starting around 6:15. I might set the final temp at 258 to keep from going too dark with a natural and drop ~40s into first crack - definitely by 7 minutes.

Good luck!
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Will do, thanks for the help!